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Calling all beacons...

My business coach recently shared this short video with me. The film recounts a Superbowl halftime show when Prince was the main act. And it was raining. Like, pouring buckets. Panicked about the rain and all of the show components -- you know, like electricity -- they called down to Prince's dressing room to check in about going on or not. And his response was this:

Can you make it rain harder?

And he nailed this performance. You can see it in the link above.

Can you make it rain harder? This, dear beacon, is now our calling. Why else does a beacon exist but to guide in the dark? We are built for darkness, did you know this? And the darker it is the more you shine. So, make it rain harder.

Sure, it would be a heck of a lot more convenient if we weren't needed so much, because that would mean we lived in a time when we weren't afraid, when things were a bit more predictable, when you could turn on the news and not see death, war, fear, economic crashes, aliens, etc. (I am just guessing because I don't actually watch the news. I don't need to eye the dark to know it's there -- I can feel it. Can't you?)

A few signs you are a beacon:

You are sensitive. Like super sensitive. Not just emotionally but even physically. You probably struggle, or have struggled before, with ailments like chronic pain, stomach issues, headaches, etc. And when you are in large crowds you secretly want to crawl into a hole. And maybe binge watch Gilmore Girls. (Just an example.)

You feel called to something, even if you can't quite put your finger on it. You feel called to go within, to ask big questions, to ponder words like fulfillment, purpose, and worth. You don't just want to answer this call, but you want to help people because of this call.

You have an adverse relationship to money. You want to feel free of the burden to have money and you simultaneously understand the ease money can bring -- but this also causes conflict because you feel like money is short-sighted. You feel like it muddies the water. You fear if you mixed money with your gifts that the sky would fall. (Or something equally as absurd)

You feel slightly crazy. You see signs everywhere and although you keep most of them to yourself, they make you feel so normal and also slightly crazy. Synchronicities happen more frequently, which also make you feel normal and also slightly crazy. 

You, despite the times, feel a deep sense of hope and possibility. The sky could be falling and you'd still say, "What a beautiful time to start anew!" This can leave you feeling a bit naive, like you are missing something. But you also feel a connection to hope, as though hope is not only available, it's the perfect time to employ the magic hope can create. 

You woke up on November 9th, 2016 and felt equal parts sad and determined. Change is inevitable and not all change makes sense in the moment. But despite this looming change, you woke up on November 9th more determined than ever. Like you not only matter, but you can't keep yourself small any longer. 

If you checked off any of these boxes, then congratulations, you're a beacon! Sorry, there's no medal or award for this. It is actually a bit of a burden even in the blessing of being a beacon. The burden? A looming sense that you have to do something with this newfound power, and fast. The blessing?

You are a light. And the lights just went out, my friend.

Next week is #bethebeacon week! To join just sign up for my Inner Circle above and you're in. Then simply open the emails and I hope you'll join your fellow beacons on the free "Be the Beacon" call on December 9th. 

Light and love,