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Awaken Your Practice Online is here!

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When I first created Awaken Your Practice in 2016 I had the idea of helping my fellow heart-centered business owners learn that they did have a place in business. I've run this program four times and have plans to host the live workshop twice in 2019. But to take the program online was a dream I didn't know if I was ready for.

I didn't want to take an experience known for connection, in-depth conversation, and big aha moments and dilute it down to something I attempted to convey over recorded videos and emails. It just isn't me. So, I am doing this in a way that speaks to what I love about this work — the people I get to spend my days with and the things they trust me to witness and support in their businesses.

Yes, Awaken Your Practice Online requires a computer but I will be teaching the weekly classes LIVE.

People find this course for many reasons but of all the ones I hear, what every student tells me is how ready they are to finally trust themselves and be seen in their work. If you're anything like me then you often wonder:

"Can I be my most authentic self, actually help people, and make money?"

The short answer? Yes. 
The more honest answer? Only to the extent you know and trust yourself.

I could create a business mentorship that teaches you my back-end systems, how I create my programs, how I find clients and a myriad of other things you think you need. I could also point you in the direction of business coaches doing this because it isn't really what I do.

If you're looking for another "done-for-you" business program then I am probably not your girl. If you're exhausted by this business thing and truly just want to change more lives by being yourself, then keep reading.

I don't do strategy. Period. Because finding the best strategy to grow your business is not the problem. Knowing which one is best for you — now we're getting warmer, but this is still not the full problem.

If you don't know who you are in business, then no matter what ideas you're handed, they get layered on top of a cracked foundation, and no matter how great the idea, it will invariably crumble. I support my business mentees in discovering what works for them after they come heart-to-heart with who that really is.

When you do this, you choose the right ways in business for you and get to cut out so much of the noise swimming around out there. As you've probably already seen, there is a lot!

While most conferences will teach you how to design programs, make more money, use social media, or become a marketing genius at Awaken Your Practice we begin with the most important part of your business — YOU.

At Awaken Your Practice, learn how to trust in your business by believing in and trusting yourself. By re-connecting with your original medicine you can help those who need you in the way only you are built to serve.

How you do business isn't like anybody else.

Your intuition and call to serve make you ripe for success, but most service-practitioners are keeping their biggest treasures hidden — generosity, compassion, positivity, and hope for what's possible on our planet.

If you don't fit into the typical success model, then this is for you. I want you to create a service-business that changes more lives and stays true to you at the same time.

I've opened 30 spots in the online course.

6 payments of $99
or save 20% when you pay in full - $497

>> Registration is open only until all 30 spots are filled. This will sell out! 

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