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Answer your Calling - Part One

answer your calling part one
answer your calling part one

Last year I answered a calling. You can read my favorite post about it here. Does everyone have one? Should you answer your calling? The answer to these questions is 'Yes!' So maybe the more important questions are - what is a calling? How will I know when it's beckoning me? Today I'll answer these questions using my own experience AND later this week I'll share 5 Reasons to Answer the Call. There is one constant when you hear your calling - it just might terrify you. Ok, there's no might about. It will scare you. My hope is that this article will ease that just enough that you feel inspired to turn toward this incredible experience.

Your calling may have nothing to do with your work - this is important to point out because I think this can be confusing. As my dear friend and coach Michael Knouse recently said to me over coffee, "Your calling is this great offering you bring to the world. And that offering should never be ignored no matter the way it shows up." 

Let's begin with this question - What is a calling?

I'm going to answer this the absolute best I can. This is based on my own experience, the experiences of my clients, and that every spiritual text says the same thing about your calling. We ALL have a calling. Think of it as this truth embedded in the DNA of your soul. When it gets turned on you're called to something in your life that if followed will lead you to the highest version you can live of your life.

This calling can be many things. Here are a few examples:

  • More purposeful work
  • To become a parent
  • To move or travel
  • To start a non-profit
  • To write
  • To paint
  • To play music
  • To climb a mountain
  • To find God
  • To adopt
  • To forgive
  • And the list goes on...

Your calling is already there - are you listening for it? 

How will I know when it's beckoning me?

In my experience you just know. It's an unspoken thing you can feel in your gut. It's a sense that you're missing out on something big in your life. Oh, and it probably sounds terrifying to bring into the light. Clients often say to me, "How do I know what my calling is?" And I always answer with this, "I know you know what it is. The better question is, what are you afraid of by turning toward it?"

It isn't likely that you just don't know. You know. It's the idea of actually doing something about your calling that is very scary. Of course it's scary! Answering your call means...

  • Moving WAY out of your comfort zone
  • Accepting that your calling won't fit into your life as it is now
  • Challenging what you know to be absolute about who you are

So, what's next? If you enjoyed today's article then sign up for my Newest Course - Answering the call - How to say YES to your highest purpose! This course is ONLY available from today - June 28th. (prices are increasing every day so sign up as soon as you can) Click here!

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