A New Space to be Brave


Next month marks my 5 year business anniversary. Although I've been coaching since 2010, in the beginning, I tucked myself inside another business. In all honesty, I'd attempted 8 other ventures and was terrified to fail one more time.

For many personal reasons, I did give it one more go and here we are, five years later. Turns out being brave with your life is a worthy endeavor. And when the stakes feel especially high? Listen to your life.

To celebrate, this year I gifted myself an intensive with a past mentor. Since March I've been heart-deep in a coaching program that has completely enthralled me. In the best possible way

Over the course of four months, I've been hanging out with my convictions, my philosophy, my message, my why, and have put it all together in a new space where I get to be brave.

Hitting "publish" on my new website was bittersweet. I have been getting up extra early for weeks now to write, create, and draw ideas in my journal.

I have been combing through new imagery, new ways of saying things and bringing my message to life. A message that has been tucked within for far too long: Wherever your wild and magical life takes you, you are worth being brave with your life.

This also means new creations I've been "can't waiting" to share with you! While I invite you to comb through the new site I hope you'll pause on The Brave Page and my return to teaching my most powerful practice:

Journal writing.

Journaling is not only a passion of mine, it is a daily practice in knowing myself more honestly.

I’ve been an avid journal writer and journal keeper since 1999. My journals have journeyed across the world with me, helped me cross the scariest thresholds of my life, brought my intuition to my front door, and delivered some of my wildest dreams and goals.

In addition to my personal journal practice, I am a Certified Journal to the Self® instructor from the Center for Journal Therapy. I’ve learned over the past 20 years that there is more to the journal than “Dear Diary,” and now I get to share that with you every month. 

Whether this is the first time you write, or the last time you write, or the beginning of something new, please know that it is worth writing your life down. You are worth the words, the thoughts and the things that are tucked inside of you.

The Brave Page is a monthly journal writing subscription that drops into your inbox twice per month. Included in each practice is a grab bag of prompts, new techniques, Brave Pages, plus a monthly theme.

Write for as little as 5 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day. More importantly, welcome a practice into your life that gives so much and all it requires is a blank page and an ink-filled pen.

The Brave Page officially begins Monday, July 1st, and then your practices will drop into your inbox the first and third Monday of every month.

Oh! The first 7 days are free plus you get instant access to a members-onlylogin site full of workbooks, archives, technique videos, and more. The cost? Just $24/month and you can cancel anytime.

The only thing not included is the awesome journal you will fill with your Brave Page practice. I hope to see you there! And to get you started, scroll down for a few Brave Page prompts. Enjoy!

To being brave,


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