A little soul searching...


Turns out, there is such thing as "too prepared." So prepared that you miss the part of yourself that is actually built to just show up to a blank canvas, be inspired, and paint. Or in my case, to show up to the pure potential of my business and just create magic.

As I was preparing all of my marketing for the next Awaken Your Practice, I felt more and more agitated. The more I prepared newsletters, posts, and pre-prepped content that could "lead" people to AYP, the more I felt out of my body and disconnected from my intent.

Now I am all for knowing your big picture and making it as easy as possible for people to join your big picture if they are called to it. But this was different. My intuition was trying to get my attention but I wouldn't listen. I was organized. I had a plan. (Insert eye roll emoji) The beautiful part is the more I planned the LESS interest I had in this program.


So I threw my organized color-coded spreadsheet away. We can't plan this stuff, not in this way. I know, there is probably someone reading this thinking I am totally wrong and that's OK. For me, this was too far.

Here's why: the more I tried to predict what could ignite people to this beautiful experience, the less I heard my intuition—which was actually telling me what would invite people in. Like organic articles, inspired stories, conversations, an easier price point, and different weekend dates.

We don't always get it right at first, and sometimes something that used to work no longer holds true. My job is to listen and not get too attached. Our best plans on our best day don't account for who we will be when we wake up tomorrow.

What would happen if you let that guide you?

I am excited for what's to come because I am listening and allowing. I could just as easily hold my ground and resist this evolution to prove an old way. But why? That sounds exhausting. How much time do we spend stuck in the past because we either A) are too afraid of what the future could hold or B) don't want to look foolish for changing our minds.

This is so beautiful! Because we think we have control over all of this, but we don't. Zero. Zip. Nada. All we can do is respond, and my hope is that when you do, you respond toward the path of least resistance. What feels easy? Like relief? Like freedom? Choose that one.

As for Awaken Your Practice...since saying yes to my intuition, the newest makings of this weekend have POURED through me. Much like the program did originally. If this program has piqued your interest before, tune in and see how it fits now. And thank you for letting me share today.

Here are the BIGGEST changes:

  • I launched a brand NEW website to house this program! >> www.awakenyourpractice.com

  • I am moving this to late spring

  • I added a whole day so the weekend is now 4 days

  • I returned to the original price of $997

  • I will only run this ONCE per year instead of twice

Andrea Wilborn