A business owner who wears her heart on her sleeve...

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That's me. 

Today most people would refer to me as a "journal obsessed, generous, big-hearted, sensitive soul." But I didn't start here. I didn't always trust myself or my gifts.

I used to conduct business like I was told, and that included putting my heart in a box. It was pretty miserable. I was convinced I was one of those business people who couldn't figure business out. I was too sensitive, too caring, too involved, too generous, too honest.

My heart was always in the right place - service. I just wanted to help people. But when the anxiety of not getting clients, drowning in marketing strategies, and fear around money kept me from simply serving, I assumed I just wasn't built for this. 

Where were the heart-centered entrepreneurs? The ones who craved connection, meaning, and a slower pace? Where were the spiritual practices that honored money, the mentors who encouraged us to wear our hearts on the outside, the storytellers who walked the line of courage AND vulnerability? 

It took me the first three years in business to finally realize I could succeed at business, but it would require going my own way. It would require sharing my voice, using my story to connect, giving, and radical transparency with my clients. The more I showed my empathic gifts IN business the more my business succeeded. 

I built Awaken Your Practice for those who are just like me. It's for service-practitioners and business owners who want to work from their heart center and who are ready to uplevel their business, make more money, do work that is fully aligned with their vision, and create balance in their whole life. Oh, and who are ready to invite a little magic in :) 

But this isn't my first rodeo. 

I've taught the live workshop for Awaken Your Practice four times. I've learned a lot along the way, mostly because of the incredible students who have shown up. In no particular order, here are a few of the radical lessons I've acquired in my time with this program...

1) No idea is "too small"
It doesn't matter if your idea has already been created, will impact a single person, or feels "too small" to you. I assure you, there is no such thing as a small idea. There is also no such thing as a big idea. An idea is an idea is an idea and its power is in letting it move through your life. Let it shape you because while you believe you are shaping it...well, it is the one that is really doing the carving.

2) Value cannot be handed to you
The value you create won't be seen. You can't quantify it or box it up. It isn't the price you charge or subsequently the money you earn. It won't be found in your number of followers or "likes" on any social media platform. So, then, where might you discover your value? Within. It already exists in its full form as YOU. Now, what do you want to create with that value? Well, see number one again.

3) Your sensitivity is not the problem
Being an empath is not standing in the way; it IS the way, but it will require that you let go of so much of that noise in the business advice world. You might be more sensitive to how you market, to sales conversations, to how you create and share your creations, and to how you work with and maintain clients. There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. You. Place your sensitive nature in the driver's seat and see what magic it leads you toward. For me, this has been the place for heart-driven conversations, really getting to see people, helping people see how much they matter, and more. 

4) There's no such thing as the "lone wolf" success story
No one does it alone. Nope. Sorry. It's a big ol' lie. Whether you work with mentors or coaches, join a mastermind, continue with your education, or form a group, I have yet to meet a single person who is doing well in their business who got there without some combination of these examples. And it's the one thing missing from business owners' lives who have been treading water in their work for years on end. I was lucky (and by lucky I mean I had the courage to invest in myself) to work with good mentors in the first 3 years of my business. They got all of my panicked emails and phone calls because I feared I didn't know what I was doing. They also taught me the business basics and held my hand through it all.

5) Comparison is what keeps you small
It isn't competition that will keep your work from being noticed, it's the compulsion to compare that will. It's so easy when we enter any industry to get into an "industry bubble" and suddenly it feels like everybody is doing what we do. I remember when I became a coach and I didn't know many other coaches. Then I started networking with them more, attending coach-only events, going to coach trainings and "suddenly" it felt like the only job anyone had these days was as a coach! Untrue. I had just stepped into the coaching arena and put my coach-blinders on. This is dangerous no matter your industry. Nothing will keep you small as much as comparison to your fellow service-providers. 

There are many more where these came from but for today these are top of mind. These are the lessons that I couldn't have anticipated because they unfolded over three years. But they are also the things my students come to Awaken Your Practice to move through and let go of.

In my experience the barriers between you and succeeding in your business are much smaller than you anticipate. But my students are also looking for success in all the wrong places. Online, passive income, funnels, social media fame, followers, bank statements, flashy websites...

Do me a quick favor. Pause reading this and go look in the mirror.

> Who do you see?
> Who is that person?
> Why do they care about their work so much?
> What scares them?
> What inspires them?
> What compels them to not give up?
> What encourages them to keep going, to figure this out?

THERE! There, in that mirror staring back at you, is where your success resides. 

Everything else is, well, just the details.

And while they matter a little (yes, you need to know what you sell and who it's for) the trends will evolve faster than you want and all that time you spent figuring out Facebook and click funnels becomes...irrelevant.

But what of your idea? Did it withstand the trends? Did it do its job? Did it honor your value? Did it respect your calling?

These and more are the questions we ask within Awaken Your Practice. We look at the principles of success so that no matter what you layer over it - programs, blog posts, books, e-courses, retreats - it is formed on the basis of you at your most self-aware. 

You at your most loving.
You at your most trusting.
And you at your most accepting of your gifts and how to share them with the world.

If running your service-business from this place calls to you, then check out your options for joining Awaken Your Practice Online below! Our 12 weeks don't kick off until January 9th but I am opening registration next week.