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6 Signs self-doubt is creeping in


6 SIGNS SELFDOUBT IS CREEPING INThank you for your answers to my survey here. Your responses are very helpful as I put the finishing touches on my newest course out at the end of the month. Especially question #1 - I asked what are your TOP two questions about letting go of self-doubt. You guys have the best questions! Some questions about if self-doubt is ever a good sign (in short, yes it is). Some questions about how to know you're really letting it go and when it's just getting the best of you. And if self-doubt is part of who you are, how do you know it should be let go of? Plus more...I will be addressing these in the coming two weeks. But today I want to specifically address this question - how do I recognize self-doubt? 

There is a difference between feeling doubtful about a particular situation, like being skeptical, and full-blown self-doubt. This is where you question pretty big parts of who you are and how you're living your life. Don't panic. I'm a firm believer that self-doubt of this magnitude is designed to get your attention. It means you're not living in alignment with your highest self and it's time to make some changes.

In my personal experience and in my coaching practice I see a few common signs that self-doubt is creeping in. It doesn't have to be a bad thing, like I said it just means it's time to pay attention and maybe make a change. I've also included a journal prompt with each sign to help you get started in clearing self-doubt.

6 Signs Self-Doubt is Creeping In

#1 - Something just doesn't add up

You have all the makings for happiness but something just doesn't add up. You should be content, thriving even, but you're not. On paper all the good stuff is there - security, relationship, family, career, etc. but it just isn't giving you the kind of satisfaction you think it should. This can surely cause self-doubt. The solution: Tune in and listen to your intuition. Journal prompt: If I trusted my gut, I would change...

#2 - You're overly anxious

Anxiety is no fun. It feels like waves of panic and disorder washing over your life. You're on edge, unsure, and antsy. This article here talks more in depth about what signs of anxiety to look out for. Anxiety usually means self-doubt has already found its way in. It could be prompted by your work, a relationship, or financial matters but you know something is not working. The solution: Address the root cause. Journal Prompt: My anxiety is teaching me...

#3 - An alternative sounds relieving 

When self-doubt starts to creep in you can easily think of an alternative situation that would make everything feel back on track. This could be a decision to change jobs, end a relationship, sell your house, change your diet, and more. The mere thought of this shift will sound like instant relief. The solution: Indulge the idea of making a bigger change and note how it makes you feel. Journal Prompt: The change I need to make is...

#4 - You're ignoring your inner-wise self

You have two inner voices - one that criticizes and one that guides. Listen to your inner-guide. I also call this your inner-wise self and it's a good one to connect with in your journal. This voice will start to speak up when self-doubt creeps in. Self-doubt is a sign that you're not living in accordance with your higher self, a.k.a. your inner wise self. This is where self-doubt can be a positive thing because it's great at getting your attention. The solution: Tune in to your inner-wise self, what are you avoiding? Journal Prompt: My inner-wise self is teaching me...

#5 - Something doesn't fit anymore

Sometimes parts of your life just don't fit anymore. They will feel stuck or stagnant and it won't be for a lack of effort. Maybe you out grow it or your interests change but something just doesn't fit. Be it your work, your hobbies, your relationship, or your habits you'll know when it stops fitting because it will weigh on you mentally. The solution: Pinpoint what exactly doesn't fit and what's missing. Journal Prompt: The missing piece is...

#6 - You're looking for answers

Self-doubt can make you ask big questions in search of guidance. You'll seek them from friends, family, spiritual leaders, books, or your journal. You'll find yourself looking for direction and how to make a change possible and positive. Self-doubt is great at making you feel bad for questioning but it's in asking questions that you find confidence again. The solution: Be free to ask what needs asking. Journal Prompt: What answers do I want to hear?

Use self-doubt as a navigation tool. Allow it to direct you. If any of these signs sound like you try the journal prompt on. Use a timer and only journal for 10 minutes. Sometimes less is more! -Andrea


Next week I'll share about my own wake up call this summer when self-doubt moved into my life in a big way.CONSULT

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