5-Week Challenge: (Are you in?)


Do you believe you are worth going "all in" on your coaching business so you can serve the people you feel called to help every day?

Do you believe your vision could change a lot of people's lives and this can only happen when you diligently allow yourself and your light to be seen without fear?

Do you believe this is bigger than you and your work as a heart-centered coach is the vehicle to help drive your legacy and dream life?

Then, join our FREE 5-Week Challenge!

Every week for 5 weeks I will post videos, new content, and mini-trainings to help you with your magic, message, mastery, money, and market.

I believe in coaching, and I also believe every coach deserves the support they need to share their gifts with the world. For the past 10 years, I've been a professional coach and couldn't love my job more. 


Success was not a guarantee. Like most of you, I did a lot of things wrong and a few things right. I got discouraged more times than I care to admit. I had days where I found myself scrolling job sites so I could leave this whole coaching thing behind.


I love helping the clients I do and the art of coaching too much to abandon my calling. I am not everyone's cup of tea, but my bravery comes from being my cup of tea. And I want to help you know the same about your own coaching.

Here's how the challenge works:

  1. Every Monday, I will post a new Monday Message Video on each topic

  2. Every Wednesday, I will post a new training + article with some easy steps

  3. Every Friday, I will share a new Brave Page prompt to bring it all together


Get your calendar out and mark these dates:

August 5–9th: Magic 

  • Reconnect to what brings you joy in your work

  • Invite some magic back in and stop working so hard with little to show for it

  • Remember your greatest asset in your business is trust

August 12–16th: Message

  • Share your stories and personal experiences as a pathway into your work

  • Use your message as the platform on which the rest of your practice gets built

  • Forget niche, marketability, and “Unique Value Propositions” and be yourself!

August 19–23rd: Mastery

  • Trust that your coaching is good enough, effective, and worthy of investing in

  • Develop a new relationship to setting boundaries and use them as a form of self-respect and self-love.  

  • Reconnect with what makes your coaching effective

August 26–30th: Money

  • Say your prices out loud with pride and joy

  • Overhaul your relationship to money and release any story standing in your way

  • Establish a more loving, in-flow relationship to the universe

September 2–6th: Market

  • Know, appreciate, and share your brilliance by simply doing what you love with more people

  • Connect with your community authentically and consistently

  • Trust your intuition when it comes to your business and halt doing the things that simply don't work for you 

What you need for this 5-week challenge:

  1. A journal and a pen full of ink (maybe a couple of pens). You will do a LOT of writing. 

  2. Do your daily check-ins. Every day for 5 weeks you will check in and tell your community your actions, your challenges, and your commitments. 

  3. An open mind and heart. I am only interested in your success but that means asking you to get out of your own way. You may have to STOP doing things that have not been working and START doing things you've been avoiding.

  4. To stay engaged and fully participate. Nothing I give you can be tossed aside. Don't skip any part. 

Next Steps:

  1. Click this link to join the free challenge

  2. Mark your calendar so you know what's coming!

To being brave,


If you already know you need and want this in your life, then check out the 10-month paid version, Awaken Your Practice, which starts September 12 here in Portland. www.awakenyourpractice.com/live

Applications are open. 

I am looking for 12 coaches who are ready to: wake up each day and know what to do, who it's for, why they're compelled to offer it, the results it will provide their lives and the lives of those they serve, and who know that their coaching is good enough, effective, and worthy of investing in. 

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