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5 ways to fail forward


I recently picked up, "Mindset" by Carol S. Dweck and it blew me away. Have you ever wondered why some people can easily bring success into their life while others seems to flounder? Have you ever given constructive feedback only to quickly find yourself on the other end of an argument? Have you ever given up on something because you believed you just weren't meant to succeed at it while others go on to flourish in that exact same thing? If any of these fit you then keep reading... In her book, Dr. Dweck writes about those with a growth mindset and those with a fixed mindset and how your perception can help create success or plague you with failure. For all the incredible details I recommend picking up a copy. However it got me thinking because I am just a month away from launching a project very near to my heart: Body Confidential. I have been working on this program for over four months but as I put the finishing touches on it I got to thinking about how to safeguard those who embark on it for absolute success. Then it hit me - I really can't. I have made it as easy as possible with a schedule, structure, and daily prompts but compliance is up to you. And compliance is where success happens.

Even with all these pieces in place to make sure this program is life changing, I know it will challenge and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Which will inevitably bring a level of discomfort. It is designed to make you a little uncomfortable. Comfort is how you are staying where you are right now! In the weeks leading up to my launch I've decided to prepare you as best I can. I don't want to take away the challenge this will present but I do want to equip you with what it takes to move through this discomfort so you may experience success on the other side. One such way is to learn how to fail forward.

Yes, LEARN how to fail forward.

Because if you have stopped yourself just short of failure before I encourage you to learn how to go for broke now. Failure is just another way TO learn and far more successful than catching yourself from doing so.

If you can't fail then you can't succeed.

They are two sides of the same coin. Failing doesn't make you a failure and it is crucial that you can decipher the difference. To show you how this is true I've compiled 5 ways to fail forward:

  1. If at first you don't succeed, then you are doing something right - Instant success is often flawed or false. There is positively, totally, absolutely no such thing as instant success. It just doesn't exist! So get busy failing so you CAN get busy succeeding. 
  2. Failure is learning - Not succeeding means you are learning so many ways not to do something! Next go around you know where NOT to begin and can move onto the next route.
  3. Don't make your efforts harder than necessary - Someone has come before you and achieved what you desire. ASK THEM! They didn't succeed at first and I promise you they want to help you avoid some of their mistakes. Don't try and make it harder than it needs to be or try and reinvent a path that has already been paved.
  4. When success is not a given, you get to exert effort - Success isn't a given, but that's a good thing. How boring if success came with no effort, trials, or tribulations! Effort is you showing up to do something you've never done. Effort is asking someone for guidance. Effort is doing what you say you're going to do. And effort is seeing what you are really capable of.
  5. Failing is just feedback - The more you can ebb and flow with failing the easier it is to keep moving. We are not talking about catastrophes. We are talking about mild incidents like not making a goal, receiving constructive criticism, or not getting the job. These are not big things but can make someone feel it's logical to just give up. Don't! These are just feedback and their job is to guide you in how you can be successful. Where did you not give it your all? How can you make more of an effort? Who do you need to ask for help? Just ask yourself - what do I need to do differently next time? Then do it!

So go ahead and fail forward - it will be the best thing you could ever gift yourself.

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