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5 Secret Traits of a Fit Life


get inspiredI didn’t always live a fit life. In fact up until 5 years ago I lived a very un-fit life. I didn’t like my body so I didn’t take care of it. It wasn’t just the foods I ate or my lack of exercise - it was how I felt about my body and how I put my body down. I would start my day with a shower but when I got out I used to cover the mirror with a towel or cover up before I could see myself naked. I would buy maternity clothes (no, I wasn’t pregnant) to cover up my belly.

We all have a secret life of things we do to keep ourselves invisible, right? When I lived like that all I wanted was to wake up, look in the mirror, and feel positive about what I saw.

Well it didn’t happen overnight but I did get there. I don’t want you to stay in the dark like I was any longer. I want to share with you the 5 secret traits of a fit life. These are traits I had to adopt to discover that positivity but they are also the 5 things we see in our most successful clients.

And they may surprise you a little…

Trait No. 1 – Decide

Above all else I had to decide to change my body, change my attitude, and change my life. I still remember the day I did this very vividly. I woke up that day and something in me said, “Enough!”

I cleaned out my cupboards and stocked my kitchen with really good foods. I knew what was good for me I just had to WANT to buy it. I found my running shoes and some workout clothes shoved in the back of my closet. I laced up and went for a run.

It was hard.  I was tired, out of breath, and cold. But I made a decision to change my body, change my attitude, and change my life. I did this everyday from there on out. I don’t run anymore but I co-found a gym… Movement will save your life in so many ways but first you have to decide.

Trait No. 2 – Have Discipline

It took major discipline to keep doing the things I wasn’t comfortable with everyday.

Even today, although I love strength training I have moments where I have to drag myself to put my workout clothes on. Not because I don’t want the exercise but because it’s easy to get caught up in a project or a book and think, “I will tomorrow.”

In those moments I know I have to get up, put on my workout clothes, and get my butt moving. I have to practice discipline for the rest of my life. There is nothing natural or organic about being fit. It takes dedication every single day.

Trait No. 3 – Take Responsibility

The only person I had to blame for the life I was living was myself. I got there all on my own. Sure there were bad breakups, a job I didn’t care for, and other life things but it was my choice to use food, alcohol, and laziness to cope. Those things only exacerbated the stress of what I was coping with in the first place! I had to take total responsibility for not feeling good about my body and for choosing to keep doing the same stuff over and over.

On the day that I woke up and decided to change I accepted this. When I have a bad body day I accept that it is my doing. When I drink too much wine I accept that it is my doing. But I also accept that I am seeking new ways to take care of myself everyday.

Trait No. 4 – Rally Support

You can’t make a drastic change to your body, mind, or life without support. The ‘do it alone’ and ‘be independent’ idea is just silly. This is hard stuff. If you dare to have the courage to live a completely different way than you have been it requires support! You need people to rally around you.

I was very lucky to have a supportive partner who was on a similar journey. Today we own a gym together. We will always be each other’s support.

Trait No. 5 – Change the Story

I had to believe deep in my gut that I could be different. I could make different choices. I can be the girl who lives a fit life. Your thoughts become your reality.

Everyday that you look in the mirror and think, “This is as good as it’s going to get” you’re right. Look in the mirror and say, “I AM changing myself for the better, to feel better, and to live better.” This is also right.

I didn’t go on a diet and I didn’t buy a 6-week program. I didn’t do these things because there is nothing temporary about real change. The story you tell yourself has to change. You have to believe that you are capable of feeling great in your body. I experiment today with different foods, workouts, meditation, and journaling but I will never look in the mirror again and run to cover it up. Because I changed my story about who I am.


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