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5 of my favorite lessons of all time


I was working on a different article for you, one I titled, "The Secret Life of a Body Confidence Coach." I may still publish it in the near future but I wrote it before I attended something pretty incredible. See I whole-heartedly believe that if there is something missing in your life you need to go seek it out. Happier, more successful, and healthier people are not smarter, more put together, or more gifted than you. They simply know something you have yet to learn. And over the weekend I set out to learn some of those things. But what happened was totally unexpected.

I attended the Millionaire Mindset Intensive with over 200 other people. We spent maybe a couple hours talking about the physicality of wealth, and over 34 hours talking about the emotional, spiritual, and mental experience of wealth. On day one we were all very much isolated to ourselves and working very hard to stay inside our comfort bubbles. But something funny happened - by day three we were hugging, singing, dancing, and embracing one another. There was SO much love and inspiration in that room among strangers it was unreal! And it changed my life. I can't give away too many details - if you want to experience it for yourself you can visit here:

I am not here to promote this course - in fact it doesn't impact me one bit if you attend or not - I am however going to pass on a few nuggets of truth that could set you free. It doesn't matter if we are talking about wealth or health because chances are high that how you treat one is how you treat the other. How do I know this? Because we have one brain for all that we seek, do, see, believe, try, accomplish, etc. in our life and it tends to apply its knowledge in one area to another area. See the course was titled Millionaire MIND Intensive - and whether you want to believe this or not, 3/4 of how you do ANYTHING in your life is internal. I came away from this weekend with a personal vow that I would not hold myself back any longer - and it is my moral duty to provide the gifts I have inside of me for the world. 

I accept my duty with pride and courage. My gift is the ability to see what is really going on and you can count on me to help you get out of your own way so you can LOVE you.

Failure is OK, fear of failure is NOT ok

Successful people fail all the time! No one is exempt from failing - it is how you respond to failure that matters. Failure is inevitable because we are not born knowing everything we need to know to succeed in our own life. We are designed to withstand trial and error. Is failure fun? Not always. Is it frustrating? Absolutely! Will you stumble on your path to personal success? YES! Let yourself fail. AND insist that you get back up and keep going. As a child you failed all the time - remember your first time without training wheels? It wasn't pretty was it? But you probably also remember the first time you didn't fall over on your bike and from that day forward it was easy! This is basic stuff - choosing to hold back because you failed before, now that is true failure.

How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING

If nothing else remember this statement - it will change your life. If you don't pick up a penny off the ground you probably don't see all the small opportunities in your life that lead to big success. It isn't the diet overhaul that changes your life. It's drinking an extra glass of water,  taking the stairs, and saying yes to everyday choices that serve you. What does a penny have to do with it? A penny is money, yes or yes? This isn't a trick question, it is a fact that pennies are money - true or true? SO when you pass up a penny on the ground you pass up an opportunity at having more wealth than you did a moment before. And yes, EVERY SINGLE PENNY COUNTS. How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING.

DO what you say you're going to do

Chances are VERY high that if you have a lot of reasons you don't have a lot of results. Repeat that sentence to yourself. For every reason why you can't you place in your way there is a result that slips out of your hands. Would you rather have reasons or results? You only really have today, actually you really only can guarantee this very second. Yesterday is a memory and a version of it at that. Tomorrow is not real and will never be in the present. Saying that you will start tomorrow means you are not going to start at all. You only have today - do what you say you're going to do. Choose your results.

You will live into your story 

If you say to yourself you are worthy than you are. If you say to yourself you are unworthy than you are. You will live into the story you tell yourself. Thoughts only have the meaning you give them. Opportunities come your way every single day - just look at all those pennies just laying on the ground!! But you pass them by, don't you? You pass up opportunities every day. THEN you complain, "When will good luck come my way?" When you start acknowledging them in the moment! Opportunities do not walk around letting you know how awesome they are, what they will do for your life, or how much of a return on investment you will receive from them. YOU have to show up first.

When you hold yourself back, you're not the only one who gets hurt

You may think you are the only one who is hurt when you don't show up in your life - when you put reasons before results, when you live into your story, when you allow fear of failure to stop you, or when you pass up all the awesome opportunities that come your way. BUT YOU ARE ONLY THE BEGINNING. You see, people are counting on you. People are waiting on you to show up and the longer you wait for tomorrow the longer they are hurting. If you have something inside of you that could relieve someone else's pain, an idea that could make the world a better place, or if you have the cure for cancer at your fingertips read this very carefully. I am going to get amped for a moment ... ready? YOU HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!!! Everyone has a gift within them that can help another and when you hold it in, hold yourself back, or walk away from opportunities to share that then you just made someone else's life worse. This is what I was doing. And I am truly sorry for that. I no longer hold myself back - I am here ready to help YOU get out of your own way and love yourself and your body from the inside out.

I am YOUR opportunity for long lasting self-confidence. You have to decide for yourself if you are going to continue passing these moments up or not.

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