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Want to know the secrets to fulfillment?


Secrets to fulfillmentLast week I wrote about the 4 Paths to Happiness. Happiness is found in letting go of everything in your life that doesn't bring you happiness. It's this simple. Now here's where it gets really interesting - negative emotions cannot live in the future. They are only in relation to the past. Negative emotions include anger, sadness, fear, grief, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. When you let go of a negative emotion you're freeing up your future to be the happy and joyful state you're meant to be, now.

Fulfillment is very similar. Let's break the word down. To be ful-filled is to be full of this things that bring you joy and not of the things that don't. More love, less hate. More joy, less anxiety. More happiness, less anger.

When you become right with your being, everything else falls into it's most right place

Part of conscious living is modeling successful behavior. Successful people take conscious and intentional action in their life in these 4 areas. They don't leave it to chance. Successful people understand that they are the literal creators of their fulfillment. Each path below comes from within. The lack of these in your life also comes from within.

The difference maker? YOU. Let's dive right in! Here are my 4 Paths of Fulfillment:


What brings you joy? Remember my 4 ways to shift into happiness - you can be happy in this very moment when you let go of everything making you not happy. Quite simply: what brings you joy?


What gives you strength? What, when you're totally connected to it, gives you strength?


What is the most authentic expression of yourself? What, when you're engaged with it, lights you up from the inside out?


Alignment is the congruency of the three paths above. You live in alignment when your happiness, connection, and purpose are all working for you. 

I've kept these short for a reason. These aren't complicated questions - their power lies in your response AND your taking action on what you respond with. If you know what brings you joy, makes you feel connected, and helps you express your soul and you aren't doing it then you don't achieve fulfillment.

Start with the one that means the most to you in this moment. 

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