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4 Ways to know if you're grounded


How to plant strong roots for changeHave you ever been frustrated trying to make a change stick? 

Do you try new things or ideas only to find them fade away quickly?

Do you have the best intention to create a positive change but it just doesn't happen how you want or expect?

If you said 'yes' to one or all of the above then today's article is for you - 4 ways to know if you're grounded and how to plant strong roots for change. What is a root? How do you know you're rooted? Why is this important?

We all live in our heads. We're intellectual beings who crave rationality and for things to 'make sense'. Even those with devotional spiritual practices like to be able to connect the dots and have explanations for the things they believe in. This is why I chose the word 'faith' for 2015 - to help me cultivate a healthy relationship with not knowing but knowing in a totally new way.

When it comes to change of any kind we tackle it with rationality first - what's the plan? What's the strategy? Why did this happen this way? How do I logically approach this? There is nothing wrong with this approach. Strategy comes from our need to create predictable plans. We want change to happen within our comfort zone.

The trouble is - if you're not grounded it doesn't matter how much you plan. You can't plan your way into new change if that change has no place to root! 

My favorite way to understand your root is to study the First Chakra: Root or Muladhara. Our Root Chakra is part of the Chakra System - the Chakra System are 7 wheels of energy in our body and spirit. They are a conduit or sort of highway for our life force to come down into this embodied being. The 7 energy centers are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. I will be diving into the Chakra System more and more in coming posts. If they peak your interest then you're in for a treat!

Your Root Chakra lives at the base of your spine and is our most Earth bound energy center. It is our very first right in this life - the right to exist. It is mostly concerned with safety and security - food, shelter, security, nurturing, connection, and love.

Imagine you have a vast root system that grounds you - this root system keeps you anchored to this body and life. All change is anchored in your Root Chakra.


Change by definition is unpredictable. It's taking what you know - even when that something doesn't serve you - and making it different. For example, if you're trying to find more balance, accomplish a new goal, find more happiness, etc. even though these are positive changes they are changes.

If you aren't grounded, or secure, then change just won't take root in your life. It's not safe enough for it to.

For today - here are 4 ways to know if you're grounded

1. You feel provided for - you trust yourself and your environment to meet your needs 

2. You feel safe in the world 

3. You are comfortable in your body

4. You are able to relax in your body and even be cared for

How'd you do? If you liked this article then head over to a free call where I cover this topic in more depth! In this free call I cover each point, why these are pertinent for change to take hold, and teach you HOW to plant strong roots now so that change you is possible.

How to Plant Strong Roots for Change - Free Call

In light and love,

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