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30 Tough Questions to Ask in Your Lifetime


I help people heal the parts of their life that just aren't working anymore so they can find fulfillment and joy. Sometimes that healing means living totally differently and sometimes it means making just a couple changes. Either way - if you think something is missing from your life then here are 30 Questions I encourage you to ask yourself at some point in your life. Some I'm certain you've asked yourself more than once and some may be foreign. Try them on, see what comes up for you. Take each one to your journal and see what you have to say about it. These are questions I ask myself, I ask my clients, and some I wish someone had asked me a long time ago. But it's never too late until it is. So, ask away. 

  1. Am I happy?
  2. Am I holding myself back?
  3. If I knew I could not fail what would I do differently?
  4. What am I afraid of?
  5. What gives back to me?
  6. What do I still need to know?
  7. Is there anyone I need to forgive?
  8. Am I resentful of anyone?
  9. If I moved on what would be different?
  10. Who do I want to love without reserve?
  11. What truth do I need to speak?
  12. What do I believe in?
  13. Am I settling?
  14. Do I love myself?
  15. Who do I need to give back to?
  16. What am I grateful for?
  17. What's missing?
  18. Do I trust myself?
  19. Am I fulfilling my potential?
  20. Am I capable of more?
  21. What do I want?
  22. What do I wish I'd known when I was younger?
  23. What do I need more of?
  24. What do I need less of?
  25. What closure do I need?
  26. Do I need to take better care of myself?
  27. What do I need to ask for?
  28. Do I need to make a change?
  29. Am I thriving?
  30. What's next?

No truth is as powerful as your own because you live your life by it. You direct your life by your beliefs and your fears. Asking questions, no matter how tough, means hearing what you most need to say. Sometimes it's hard to hear your deepest thoughts, the ones you push way down. And sometimes it's liberating because you get to do something about it. Either way - you have a choice!


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