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30 Lessons for my 30th Birthday

Today I turn 30. I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand I loved my twenties and don't think I could of crammed anymore life into those ten years. Thirty marks a new way of looking at the world and that I am so ready for. Every age comes with experiences and stories perfect for that age. To celebrate this milestone I put together 30 Lessons for my 30th. They are a collection of my beliefs but also the beliefs of my mentors, coaches, and favorite writers. For now think of them as little rays of light designed to move you out of the dark…or just a random collection of thoughts from someone doing her best to be a grown up.

1. Be curious and keep asking ‘WHY’?

If you don’t understand something make it a question. Be vastly curious and go find out what you don’t yet know. Who do you need to ask? Where could you find your answer? How will solving this problem help you?

2. Keep rewriting your story

Your stories are your beliefs. They are housed in the emotional part of your brain. See what happens is your logical brain takes in experiences as information and your emotional brain forms a story around the experience. When we want to make a change in our life we have to change our stories. Challenge your beliefs and get curious about their actual truth.

3. Keep a journal

You are an infinite vessel of wisdom! Journaling is the fastest means to tapping into that wisdom. You don’t have to write something everyday but make space in your life for your words. They are important. And date your entries!

4. Always have a book open

Books are good for the soul. Always have a book in your life. The map to accomplishing your dreams and goal is in a book somewhere.

5. Eat things that come from the earth

Quite simply fruits and veggies are where it’s at. Eat them!

6. Express gratitude often

What are you grateful for? Use your journal to keep a running list. Gratitude helps with perspective. It’s impossible to feel hatred or sadness when we are expressing gratitude because gratitude is active compassion.

7. Find out what makes you happy and do that!

It really is this simple. What makes you happy? Not just pleasure, but what lights up your inner happiness? Go do that! There is not enough time in this lifetime to waste even seconds doing the things that cause suffering.

8. Stretch your physical limits

Push your body. It loves it! Get winded. Lift heavy things. Move your body. Feel your heart race. Feel your body sweat. See what you are capable of.

9. Drink plenty of water

Water is a life source and for most everyone reading this it is freely available to you. Drink up. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Miracles will happen.

10. Be silly

Take a note from any child in your life and have silly abandon! Dance, play, sing, laugh, and skip. Go to a playground and play on the toys. We adults take things SO seriously. Do the one thing that will make you just giddy. Play twister :)

11. Take up space

Space is not just physical. You can take up space by - Speaking your mind. Expressing opinion. Sharing your experiences. Loving someone. Being LOUD. Having massive compassion for yourself and others. Enjoying the foods you eat. Laughing. Standing firm in your convictions. Wearing bright colors and patterns. Making noise. Dancing!! Holding space for others by listening to them. Having pride for who you are. Sharing your gifts with the world. Lifting heavy things. Giving someone a hug.

12. Meditate

Meditation is not about blocking the world out. It’s about sitting with the world. Sit and be mindful for just 5 minutes a day. Focus on your breath.

13. Grant yourself permission

Because no one else will! You want to go for it and be the woman you know you are capable of being? Great! Do it! Because no one will give you permission to be your best self, only you can.

14. Find your tribe

Be picky with those you surround yourself with. Choose the people who understand you. Push you. Challenge you. And LOVE you.

15. Seek mastery

Get cozy with space and time. If you were to sink into the depths of your most favorite thing for decades imagine the insight you would have.

16. Do what you say you’re going to do

How you do anything is how you do everything.

17. Have massive self-compassion

There is enough ugliness in the world. It doesn’t also need you shaming yourself. Have relentless compassion for yourself.

18. Be VALUEable

Are you willing to die for your convictions? Now THAT is what having a value is. Something you believe in to such a degree that you would sacrifice yourself for it. What’s one of mine? Compassion for ALL things.

19. Laugh really loud!

Laugh from your belly until it hurts! Laugh every single day. Laughter is soul food.

20. Be a bridge

Be someone who creates connections for others, from people to people or people to ideas.

21. Give often

Give money, time, service, ideas, and compassion. Give to those who are less fortunate. You will get what you give x10. It’s like a universal law.

22. Take walks

But leave your phone and music at home. Go for a good old-fashioned walk! What do you see, smell, and hear? We live in such an over-stimulated world that we need to take physical space to create mental clarity. Gift this to yourself as often as you can. Even a 5 minute walk around the block will spark creativity and wonder.

23. Disengage once per week

Give yourself the gift of disengagement with the world once per week. Turn off your phone, your FB, and your TV. Go outside. Go play. Go see art. Go move your body. Play! Tune out to tune into yourself.

24. Use your hands

We are tactile animals and learn a lot through touch. Challenge yourself by using your hands for more than typing and texting. Garden, cook, bake, sew, knit, make art, write, read, or play a game.

25. Take responsibility

It is my personal belief that most all the world’ problems can be solved by individuals taking personal responsibility. Even in those moments you would never choose for yourself when things are done to you – take responsibility for how you RESPOND.

26. Ask for guidance

We are all inner-connected. No one leads a truly independent life. We’re just not designed that way. So why not ask for intentional guidance in the areas of your life that could make the biggest impact? Hire a spiritual leader, a life coach, a trainer, a nutritionist, a therapist, a stylist…whatever you fancy!

27. Eat cookies

Ok, this is my personal bias here, but cookies are delicious. And they make me smile.

28. Wear clothes you love

Stop wearing things that make you feel yucky about yourself! Only wear styles and fabrics that make you feel beautiful and sexy. You will show up very differently in the world when you enjoy yourself and your body than when you don’t.

29. Take care of you

Self-care is pertinent to health and happiness. Make a list of all the rituals that renew your senses and make you feel just fantastic. Do something off your list every single week. My personal favorite self-care tool is a hot bath. With bubbles. And salts. Mmmm….

30. Be a dreamer

This is my personal favorite. Dreaming is a beautiful thing! Not just setting goals but really letting your dreams soar. Many of the women I work with are afraid to dream because they don’t totally trust themselves to follow through. Give yourself the gift of BIG dreams that compel you to make them happen then ask for guidance when you get stuck. Anyone you admire (anyone!) had a dream once and what you see is the result of them really going for it. #dreambig

There you have it – my 30 Lessons for my 30th. Now - where is that birthday cake?

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