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3 Questions no one is gutsy enough to ask you


You cannot love your body and loathe your lifestyle. Read that sentence again. You cannot feel fantastic in your body while participating in methods you hate. If you are controlling every aspect of food, rushing to relax after work, rushing to get your workouts, and exhausting your body it is impossible to LOVE your body. Your methods and their message must be congruent. If you hate the mode you will resent the outcome. BUT if you LOVE the mode you will love the outcome.

A control-based lifestyle is an attempt at creating prediction in you life. For example, “If I do this then I know this will happen.” However no route to change is linear, it has curves and bumps and unexpected turbulence. That is not something you can predict.

As soon as those things happen, like a work event with lots of wine, or a snow day and no access to the gym your brain and body are triggered to look for some way out that you haven’t prepared for. So instead of “going with the flow” you put on the brakes, flee into the extra wine, or get mad and mean toward yourself.

You say things like - “Why couldn’t you ignore the temptation?” “Why did you eat that?!” “Why didn’t you find a way to get a workout in?”

You just berate yourself with insults. Not very inspirational, is it? And now your total control turns into total loss of control which is the place your brain spends all it energy avoiding day in and day out.

You actually need LESS control and more freedom. You really don’t like being told what to do. Just imagine someone telling you everything you must do today, down to the very second. How to get up, how to eat, what to eat, how to shower, how to wear your hair, what colors to wear, how to drive to work…you wouldn’t last very long before total anger and frustration took over, right?

But this is what you do everyday to yourself! Then you wonder why on Friday night you ‘just can’t control’ drinking a bottle of wine and eating a bag of potato chips. The reason we gravitate to food is in next week’s email. But this is what happens, right?

You seek change because you feel one way and want to feel another. It’s that simple. So to create freedom in your life, chase the feeling. I am going to ask you 3 simple questions. If you want me to coach you around them please reply or contact me here, I am happy to do so!

1.) How do you want to feel?

2.) What is stopping you from feeling this way?

3.) What would it take to have you feel this way?

Now you have a starting point (what is stopping you), the end point (how you want to feel) and the path (what it will take to feel this way). Navigate the FEELING you want, not the result you want.

Chase the feeling.


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