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3 Journal Techniques for Mindful Living


3 Journal Techniques for Mindful LivingMy journal serves many purposes in my life - it's part memory keeper, friend, advisor, and note keeper. No matter what need you pick your journal up to explore a nice part of incorporating a journal into your life is to practice mindfulness. I personally define mindfulness as being present in any given space and time. Not looking to the future or remembering the past. Not daydreaming or fantasizing, but truly being present with what is.

Although a journal can take you to far off places in your mind it can also connect you with what's here and now with just your pen and paper. Be present as words seemingly fall out your pen and share with you your inner-most beliefs, desires, and needs. 

Today I will share with you THREE powerful journal techniques for practicing mindfulness. Different than a prompt, techniques can be about anything, any strain of thought or emotion. When you explore different techniques the focus is on using your journal as a vessel for trying on new ways of putting pen to paper. 

My basic guidelines are still the same - use a timer and choose between 5, 10, or 12 minutes for writing. Once you put pen to paper keep it there and allow your monkey mind to mellow out and for a flow to come through. Once your timer chimes you may re-read what you wrote but refrain from editing, critiquing, or crossing things out.

Our conscious mind and subconscious mind don't always see eye-to-eye. The goal is to allow this underground voice a place to be heard. 

Technique #1: Letters from your Higher-Self

In this technique you allow your higher-self or intuition space on your journal page. You may open the dialogue with a question or you may simply ask your higher-self to come through your pen. Write a letter to yourself from your higher-self. Don't be surprised if this technique flows with ease and doesn't require any strain. Stay present with your words and what your higher-self has to say to you. If you're unsure what to expect from your higher-self read this here

Technique #2: This Examined Life

This technique is very much a practice of being in the moment. Before writing take a slight pause and bring your attention to the space you're in. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? How do you feel? When you go to write simply write what you observe in this exact moment. I like this technique when my monkey mind is racing or I can't seem to gather my thoughts.

Technique #3: Gratitude Float 

This is a fun and easy technique when you need a little boost in your energy or your day. Gratitude is a wonderful practice and the journal is an easy place to express gratitude. Before you put pen to paper ask yourself, "What am I grateful for?" Then allow your gratitudes to float to your awareness. Your role as the scribe here is to capture them on paper. Don't stop and analyze or over think what you're grateful for. Simply be aware, listen, and write them down. Don't be surprised at what you're actually grateful for.

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