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18 Tips to jumpstart your journal practice - Part Two


18 tips to jumpstart your journal practice part twoAs mentioned in Part One of this article, there are 3 gremlins to a successful journal practice. One of these gremlins is avoidance.  You avoid your journal for two reasons – you don’t have enough time to journal or you’re afraid of what will show up in your writing. Today I will share the second half of 18 (yes, 18!) tips for getting over the avoidance hump. Whether you try one or all 18 I hope they give you the encouragement you need to pick up your journal and just start writing. This is just part two. Read my first 9 tips here. Enjoy!


What is your intention behind keeping a journal? What do you want it to provide for you? Make it do just that. A venting space, list storage, dreams, whatever it needs to be make it that.

Pen to Paper

Stop over thinking the process and just make it happen. Get your pen to paper before the editor in you stops you from writing anything at all.


Try writing from a quote you love. Write the quote at the top of the page and write an entry about why it jumped out at you. Why did you pick this quote and why is it important to you? I love writing from these quotes here. They are such profound ideas in one little sentence.


Use your journal to remember important dates or experiences. Write about a special person in your life. Commemorate events or a time in your life that is significant to you. Your travels, getting married, being pregnant, losing weight, changing careers, losing a loved one, falling in love...these are significant moments to be remember in your words.


When all else fails make a list. A list of anything and everything. My personal favorites are goal lists - big goals and little goals. Writing them down sort of cements them as something to work towards.


Fall in love with the season changing by writing your favorite things to do. I recently created my fall list - I think it had the same things on it last year too. But it helps me get in the spirit of letting go of summer and looking forward to sweaters and chai tea. This is a way to celebrate your life - what's important to you? What do you look forward to every year? Record it.


Is your journal readily available? If you find yourself always in the mood to write when having a coffee but your journal is at home, well this just makes it tough. Do you love to journal first thing in the morning but leave your journal in the your work bag at night? Put your journal where you're most likely to use it.


Simple but are you having fun? If you like the idea of journaling but don't actually enjoy doing it then don't! It should be fun even if your entries are serious from time to time.


Something to always keep in mind - journal writing is a practice. Like meditating or yoga. You aren't a journal writer because you journaled that one time. You are a journal writer every time you pick up your journal and write. Make it a practice.

There you have my remaining 9 tips to get you started. Leave me a comment and tell me which one helped you most. I'd love to hear from you!