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14 Lessons your journal can teach you


14 LESSONS YOUR JOURNAL CAN TEACH YOUYour journal is a great teacher because it is your life in the making. It can tell you about the old days and remind you of your dreams. It can remind you how to be strong and where you wish to go in your lifetime. Here are 14 lessons your journal can teach you: Lesson #1: You're creative

Get down with your creative self. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes - but pen and paper is as simple as it comes. You get to create any kind of world you wish in your journal. Paint with your pen and let your imagination run free.

Lesson #2: You have lots of things to say

We are thinking, reflecting, observing beings with plenty to say. Say it all in your journals. All the stuff you don't think you're allowed to say or are afraid to say you can share with your journal. Your journal does not judge, it merely listens.

Lesson #3: You're strong

Journal for a consistent period of time - 1 week, 1 month, 1 year - and you'll see just how strong you really are. Times of grief or big change may find solace in your journal where you can remember how you got through it all.

Lesson #4: You have vision

You're a visionary! If you can imagine it and write it then you're a visionary. Dreams, goals, ideas, aspirations, you name it. Bring it to life on paper, see what it feels like to try your vision on.

Lesson #5: You're goal-oriented

Most journal entries are a goal of some sort. Something you want to clear, try, remember, or take action on. You're writing your desires and all desires are goals. You don't have to write lists to be goal-oriented. Just open up your journal and dream a little.

Lesson #6: You're a story teller

You get to be a story teller in your journal. You get to choose which stories to tell and how you want to tell them. First person, third person, as a memory, or as though it happened 100 years ago. You decide. But tell your stories. You don't remember the details but when you re-read a story from your past you will remember a feeling or the experience itself.

Lesson #7: You're a historian

You get to record history with your journal. We are all history keepers but we have to write it down somewhere. Make space in your journal to write about current events, how they effect you, what you're a champion of, and more.

Lesson #8: You're valuable 

Your journal is your companion and a valuable one. It reminds you that your life is worth sharing, remembering, and dreaming about. You're a valuable creature - record your life and value it in return.

Lesson #9: You can travel anywhere you want

In your journal you can go anywhere you please. Evoke the streets of Paris or the pacific coast. Try new adventures and listen to new music. Take yourself anywhere in the universe with your pen. Neale Donald Walsch spoke with God in his journal. You can do anything or go anywhere you wish. Where will your imagination take you?

Lesson #10: You're a mindful creature

To journal is to be present. Even if you're remembering something or traveling the world of your mind, you're present. Journaling is my preferred mindfulness practice. It takes me to the here and now in order to get it on paper. Practice it with this prompt here.

Lesson #11: You're a work in progress

Let your journal be a reminder that you are a work in progress. We all are.

Lesson #12: You're going places

You are a creature meant for constant change. You like new places and changing environments. Record this. Your journal is a great place to record adventure. Remember all the places you've been and the details you enjoyed.

Lesson #13: You're a dreamer

Dream big. Dream as big as you want because your journal can handle them all. It's not about if they're possible or impossible. If you can dream it, think it, or write it, then I think it's possible. Dreams aren't always easy, this is why they're dreams. But they are the best part of life, don't you think?

Lesson #14: You matter

Journals are for remembering a life lived. Write your life. You're worth it.

What is the greatest lesson you've learned as a result of your journal? Leave me a comment below! -Andrea

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