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4 days to overcome anxiety - a free course giveaway


How I got rid of anxiety in 4 daysThank you for all your survey feedback. Your questions were magnificent and very insightful. Everything from daily stressors to full blow life transitions and anxiety-driven living. You are not alone. Stress and anxiety plague 1 in 4 people every month, and this is a stress rating above a 5 on a scale from 1-10.

I lived with chronic anxiety for more than a decade which caused chronic stomach problems, weight gain, trouble sleeping, addictive behavior, and all was being driven by a deep depression. It was a nasty cycle.

The struggle I see is this: you want happiness, joy, peace, mindfulness, and a certainty that you not only can handle what's to come but actually look forward to it. But instead are living with fear, doubt, and uncertainty for not only what's happening in your life but what's to come!

The solutions are far simpler than you might expect but they aren't typical. I don't believe in using medication or numbing to ease anxiety. I do strongly believe in doing the work - by diving in to what's causing this anxiety and understanding the causes, you get to change it for good. 

I've been working on a new e-course & coaching program for a few months now. My coaching program will officially open next week and I'm already taking applications for it.

For me new e-course I sat down and thought, "What is it I wish I knew back then about how to overcome anxiety?" I started testing some of these ideas with clients and in my now most popular posts like this and this.

So far? The results are pretty amazing. Not just because the methods work but because they feel good. 

In this new course you'll spend 4 days going over the real roots to anxiety and solutions for each. Each day includes a short assignment - nothing heavy, just a few things you can begin right away.

My e-course is open now and my gift to you.

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