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14 Days of Body Love: a daily practice


14 days of body loveValentine's Day is just 14 days away. No matter your gut response to this holiday I invite you to celebrate the central theme around Valentine's Day - love. You see, I believe love is all there is. Period. I don’t mean the kind of giddy-love and lust you experience in a relationship. I am talking about pure, un-interrupted love is all there is.

It’s how we give and forgive. It’s how we create. And love is how we let go of what we don’t understand. Love doesn’t discriminate or get revenge. Love doesn’t judge or carry anger. We are all capable of choosing love.

There are many aspects to how you love but in the end it's about treating yourself and your world with kindness and compassion. To help you do this over the next 14 days I'll be sharing 14 Body-Love Mantras. Every morning from now until Valentine's Day you'll see a body-love mantra on the side column, right at the top.

I encourage you to pin it, share it, or write it down.

When using each mantra, either in reciting them or writing them down, it’s important to feel what you’re saying as though it is already true. These are not wishes for the future. They are affirmations of what already is.

As Gregg Braden wrote so perfectly,

“Belief is the acceptance that comes from what we think is true in our minds married with that we feel is true in our hearts.”

Your life is a reflection of your inner most beliefs and most of which you may not even be aware of. To change your body you must first become within yourself the very reality you wish to see in your physical life. What better place to begin than body-love and self-acceptance? 

In addition - if you wish to take this one step further you may purchase my Journal for: Body Love course for just $14 (normally $21) 

Now before you get this, let me tell you exactly what it does so you know it’s right for you. Journal for: Body Love will:

  • Help you embrace your body in just 10 minutes per day – Over 14 days you’ll use your journal to focus on having positive dialogue with your body.
  • Teach you how to use your journal for reflection – Your journal is one of the most powerful tools you have. Learn how to use it for more than diary entries. Watch as your journal becomes your best asset for the year ahead. 
  • Connect you with what’s working well in your life – By writing about areas of your life that are working well and uncovering your strengths you create a recipe for more happiness and body love.
  • Support you every step of the way – You’re not alone. I’ve created an e-course that will walk you through every step of your journaling. I’ve included tips and daily prompts so all you have to do is carve out 10 minutes a day.

Journal for: Body Love - Purchase Here!

In light and body-love,


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