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12 Reasons why YOU matter

12 Reasons why you matter
12 Reasons why you matter

Of all the things I can do more my clients the #1 most effective tool I have is also the most simple. It's to remind you that you matter. Did you know this? If not let me tell you - of course you matter! More than you can possibly imagine. So why is it that so many are living as though they never mattered less? I invite you to take this post to heart today. Share it. Re-post is. Send it to those you love. Get on the 'I Matter!' bandwagon.

I can take TWO approaches to my work. One is to find out all the things that are going horribly. The OTHER is to remind you of all your strength and your core Self. I'm sad to admit this - the former can be easier. We all live in a 'woundology' culture. We all have PhD's in our wounds. We are the first to remind those we meet, those we've known forever, and those in between about everything we've endured in our life.

We relate based on our wounds and we connect through similar wound stories. What is a wound? Any trauma. All trauma. Accidents, breakups, abandonment, phobias, loss, grief, and fear. Now I have to say this - your wounds are valid. They happened and they're part of your story. Not because you endured them but because you learned something and you grew!

The problem is when we choose our wounds to guard, inhibit, or protect over us prohibiting our life from thriving and flourishing!

I have never worked with a client who wasn't using a wound to stay trapped. I've done the same thing. These stories are our comfort and although they are painful and awful to keep around we stop knowing how to be without them defining our life. 

So stop trying to forget them, let them go, or abandon their memory. They thrive on the energy and attention you give them. They stay alive to the extent you keep them alive. The solution? Turn toward your light.

Struggle is inevitable. Suffering is a choice. Do MORE of the things that remind you how much you matter and LESS of the things that keep you in pain. Yes, it is really this simple.

To help you do this I want to gift you 12 Reasons Why YOU Matter. These are based on my own life and my experiences. Please change or edit them to fit you perfectly. You know your strengths. Are you using them? It doesn't take any more energy to live through your awesomeness than it does your wounds. Only you can make this choice.

12 Reasons Why You Matter

I don't provide explanations because they really are this simple. All they require is acceptance.

Reason #1: You exist

Reason #2: You are here for a reason

Reason #3: You are love

Reason #4: You are part of the Whole

Reason #5: You are divine

Reason #6: You are energy

Reason #7: You are connected

Reason #8: You are wise

Reason #9: You have the truth

Reason #10: You are compassion

Reason #11: You're needed

Reason #12: You wanted to be here

My hope is that these 12 Reasons inspire you just enough that you see things differently today. Start there. Tomorrow when you wake up you can continue on the same path OR you can re-read these 12 Reasons....

In light and love,


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