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10 Signs your calling is whispering to you


I used to think callings were reserved for a special audience, and that certainly was not me. I was just a girl from a suburb of Seattle, why on earth would a calling decide to land in my lap? Until I felt like one came knocking on my door I also didn't give them much thought. I don't remember the word 'calling' being part of my common vocabulary or something I fretted over.

I share in depth about my own moment of awakening and the calling that slipped through the door here. We all have a calling. Sometimes it comes through loud and clear. Other times it's merely a faint whisper, and you feel crazy for even thinking something is speaking to you. (You're not alone!) In order to answer your calling, you have to let go. And risk the leap into the unknown. 

I answered my calling because I ached to return to my intuitive roots and use my gift to help people heal and radically love their life. But my work was just one calling and I can say that I've had hundreds of callings, maybe more and I bet you have too. Some felt like earth shakers - callings that asked me to change careers, move cities, marry the love of my life. Others were the smallest of nudges - to read a book, travel someplace, write a poem.

As Gregg Levoy says in his book, Callings -

“The purpose of calls is to summon adherents away from their daily grinds to a new level of awareness, into a sacred frame of mind, into communion with that which is bigger than themselves.”

What is the purpose of a calling? In short, I don't really know. If I sit with my own experience of them they feel like contractual nudges from the universe designed to crack me open so I may let even more life in. 

Before I began answering my callings, there was life with motion but it didn't move me. My callings have moved me to engage with life like an artist who is painting and being painted at the same time. A calling isn't someplace you arrive; it's the pathway to take you back to yourself, your whole self.

10 Signs your calling is whispering to you

1. Simple Joy
Before the fear sets in, the sheer thinking or reflecting on this thing that's calling you brings you simple joy. 

2. It gets your nervous system fired up
Thinking about it makes your heart race, maybe your palms sweat, and your breath quickens. It feels like anxiety but beneath this response is also a subtle knowing that this is something altogether different.

3. You get a lot obsessed with it
You think about it, journal about it, talk about it to only those you deeply trust and find yourself fantasizing about this thing constantly.

4. You think, "But everyone is doing this!"
The idea of following this calling feels silly because you assume everyone has already answered the same calling. You wonder things like, "Why me?" and, "How could I also do this?"

5. It scares you
This calling is scary and unnerving. This is the reason most ignore what calls them fiercely in an effort to also avoid having to do the scary, unnerving thing.

6. It emboldens you
Oddly, while it scares you it also emboldens you. The thought of answering your calling and it working brings more courage to your life.

7. It pulls you forward
Instead of feeling pushed or forced, there is a power that draws you in and pulls you forward. 

8. You question everything
A calling will beg you to question whole aspects of yourself. You may question your beliefs, your faith, your experiences, even your way of seeing life.

9. There's more doubt than certainty
There is nothing certain about a calling. They are risk-filled and will you challenge you. By nature, this makes them uncertain and not a guaranteed good choice.

10. It can't be ignored, quieted, or silenced (and you've attempted all three) Believe it or not, ignoring your calling is more painful than letting it in. And once in, it's best to let go. It's like letting a dam crack open. The sheer force will run its course -- let it. Whatever it takes down was not very strong to begin with.

And as that water churns and washes over the landscape of your life you'll wake up. You'll fully wake up and there will come a day and you'll say, "Oh. I get it now." And you'll get back to creating your life. Your simple, meaningful, call-filled life.

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