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10 Journal Prompts for Changing Your Story


10 Journal Prompts for Changing Your StoryIf you couldn't tell by now - I throughly enjoy journal writing. My journals have been such companions over the years. They give me space to get clear or understand things in my life in a new way. They are a wonderful listening ear when I need to vent or process something. They are also my best dream keepers and goal setters. Before I launch an idea or create anything new in my life I write it out in my journal first. A huge part of living a conscious life is using the power of intention and self-awareness to wake up and create positive change in your life. Your journal is your best companion for this. Today I want to share 10 Prompts that can help you change your story.

What's your story?

Your story is your life. Your story can also be, unfortunately, a predictor of your future. I say 'can' because it doesn't have to be. If you want your future to hold something different for you then you have to stop using your past as a guide. Today's journal prompts will help you reframe the things you wish to change in your life so that a new outcome is possible.

Why does reframing work?

Think of anything you wish to be different in your life. For example, your health, your finances, a relationship, even a habit you want to quit. That thing you want to change is the byproduct of your current beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and memories. Until we change those these things can't change because they are being filtered through a lens that is totally unconscious. (If you want to understand how this works and how to use your unconscious experiences to your advantage RSVP for this free call here!)

10 Journal Prompts to Change your Story

Bring the specific thing to mind you wish to change or have be different in the future. It's important that you get specific because otherwise you're working with a general idea and that is way too big for your brain to tackle and yield the specific outcome you want.

Write WHAT you want to change at the top of your blank journal page. Then use the following 10 prompts and work with what you want to change. Note: each question builds on the one before it. Take the answer to question 1 and use it for question 2 and so on...

  1. How's that a problem? 
  2. And how's that a problem? 
  3. What do you want in place of this?
  4. What is the intention for that?
  5. For what purpose?
  6. How will that make you feel?
  7. What is the intention for that?
  8. This means that what you really want is...
  9. How will you know when you've achieved this?
  10. What will you do differently moving forward?

IF you followed this process from #1-10 what you have at the end is a pro-active solution to your what you want to change instead of a focus on what you wish were different. This is a powerful tool because it gives you the path every single time.

Try it for more than one area in your life. You will find that the solution in the end is similar for many of the changes you wish to make in your life. The thing you're trying to change has a higher purpose like security, acceptance, freedom, certainty, etc. Make this your focus and watch change unfold.

In light, love, and journal writing,


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