Andrea Leda
Life Coach Guru


Awaken Your Life Pilgrimage

Frequently Asked Questions



Certification is part of the program and completely built into the experience. The only requirement is full attendance of all 200 hours. There are no additional tests, exams, or practicums outside the training to complete for certification. This is very intentional, because in my experience additional requirements are a major deterrent to actually completing programs you've invested in. Once certified, you're certified for life. My only request is that you forward your learnings in some way.

What is the benefit to being certified?

For those who choose to utilize this as a career path or addition to your work, being certified will give you the ability to share with others your level of dedication to the work. We want to work with people who continue to invest in their path of self-mastery. 

What if I can't attend all or a portion of a retreat?

The in-person retreats are a vital portion of this work and account for 130 hours of your pilgrimage. I ask that you only invest in this program if you can attend each retreat in full. If you are unable to, please do not apply. 

Is this just a group coaching program?

This is not a "group coaching" program. Group coaching is a coaching experience where a coach works with people in small groups for the convenience of time and because the coach has content they can easily teach a group. I created AYL for community, specifically, because it's in the midst of people we trust and have a relationship with that we have the most access to our truth. The true test of an authentic life is not in isolation but in the company of others also living their authentic life. 

What kind of return-on-investment can I expect?

The return on investment goes beyond money. What would it be worth to you to radically shift your life and let go of any inner limits currently holding you back? Joy and freedom are priceless.

As part of your certification, you have total access to my business model. Certified AYL Master Coaches charge between $500-$1000/month, $997 for weekend workshops, and $3,000-$5,000 per person for retreats.

How much time outside of the retreats and training sessions will I have to invest?

Expect to invest 1-2 hours per week for the entire year. This will include assignments between trainings and recommended reading. 

What happens if I miss a training session?

Training sessions need to be made up on your own time. Every session is recorded for you to listen to later if you are unable to attend. 

Is AYL accredited through a governing body, such as the International Coach Federation (ICF)? 

Awaken Your Life Pilgrimage is not accredited. While AYL is a coach training program and you will learn basic coach skills, such as powerful questions and active listening, AYL is designed for those further on their path of self-development. If you are looking for a basic coach training program we recommend you review this list with the ICF.