Andrea Leda
Life Coach Guru

AYL Curriculum

Awaken Your Life Pilgrimage

200-hour Curriculum

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The Way of transformation

6 hours

Translate your vision and your work in a way that helps people transform their life. The Way of Transformation will prepare you for creating a container with your work that helps people shift their life. Learn the very principles I use to be a powerful coach and change-leader.

Topics include:

Art of Transformative Coaching

Art of Intuitive Listening

Alchemy of Powerful Questions

Practice of Non-Judgment

Compassionate Communication

Models of the World

Power in the Sacred Pause

Meet in the Moment

Release, Integration, & Moving Forward


In addition, Art of Transformation includes learning the following tools:

Journal therapy

Breath Work

Meditation & Visualization

Somatic Release Therapy™

Coaching Container


THE WAy of the Mind

mental life - 12 hours

Your mental life, or thought life, is your director. This is the part of your brain that thinks rationally and logically. Understand how your stories affect the way you see the world and the choices you actively make. Change is a direct threat to this part of you because change challenges what you know to be true. Learn how to navigate change without self-sabotage.  


Anatomy of your Story

Art of non-attachment

Roots to Fruits


Asserting yourself

Thought Life vs. Observer Life

Limiting Beliefs

Failure as innovation




Speaking your Truth

THE Way of the HEART

EMOTIONAL Life - 12 hours

Your emotional life is your core. This is the part of your brain that houses your memory, key influential moments, and makes up meaning about your stories and the things that happen to you. Understand how your emotions affect how you see yourself and what you're capable of. Navigating change in your emotional life can mean letting go and changing your relationship to your past.


Gestalt Threads

Key Life Moments

Navigating Emotional Life

Energy in Motion

Rewrite your Story

Core Negative Emotions




Purpose of Fear


Living your Joy

THE Way of the CROWN

SPIRITUAL Life - 12 hours

Your spiritual life is your source. This is not part of your brain but rather born out of pure potential. How you practice spirituality is personal. In this section you'll learn key concepts about the soul, consciousness, purpose, and how to develop a powerful relationship with your intuition. 


Dharma & Karma

What is a Soul?

Law of Attraction

Intuition & Heart Mind

Light & Shadows

Calling & Purpose



Money & Spirituality

Pure Potentiality

Enlightenment & Self-Actualization


Meditation & Prayer

Sabbatical & the Sacred Pause

THE Way of the GROUND

PHYSICAL Life - 12 hours

Your physical life is your reality. This is not part of your brain, but rather what you manifest or create. Your physical life includes your body but is also anything that can take form like time, money, your home, etc. Understand how to read your physical life as feedback and then learn how to navigate change totally from the inside, out. 


Alchemy Of Reality

Neuroscience 101: The -Body And The Brain

Neurological Self

How Threat Shows Up In The Body

The Threat Bucket

Physiological Self

Physiological Health

Psychological Self

Environment & Energy

Money & Spirituality: Part One, Two, & Three

Life Balance

Nurturing & Self-Care

Additional training

Immersion Retreats - 132 Hours

Your immersion retreats are a vital piece of the work. These 6-day intensives are for you and your community to support one another while diving into the work. Retreats are a special container and some of my favorite work is done in this environment. While you'll be learning on the retreat, these 6 days are more about experiencing the work.


Your practicum is built into the training. Toward the end of our year you'll be invited to walk your group through a one-hour transformative experience. In addition, you'll meet monthly in semi-private coaching session with Andrea to help deepen and expand on the work.