Life Coach, Journal Teacher, and Brave Guide

Awaken Your Bliss 

A Transformational Year of Coaching, Mentoring, & Brave Guidance


You are worth being brave with your life

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If you are ready for a big change because you are built for something that feels bigger than you.

If you feel the call of a deeper purpose that won’t leave you alone.

If it comes in waves and in whispers.

If you know you need more than self-development or mere accountability.

If you are hungry to live a life and do work that truly demonstrates what you’re really capable of...then this is the year for you.

I work with 5 women per year inside this program. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you and to get in my queue for the next opening.


 this sacred year is for you if…


You are built to do something brave with your life

You know that life is a creative act. You want to live each and every day as a contribution to yourself and others. Living your best life is a choice and one you choose so you can be brave with your life and work.


You know the greater fear is to live a mediocre life

Your greater fear is playing small, ignoring your calling, not trusting yourself, and living what you think is a mediocre life. No matter the adventure that awaits you, yes is the only clear answer.

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You know your calling and are ready to claim it

No matter your vocation you are doing work that is awfully important to you. Your work is a means to create meaning in your life plus those you’re called to work with, lead, and guide.

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“For me you embody the things that are most important to me: you do the work yourself, you are always examining how you can be in integrity with yourself first, you are always learning and willing to change your mind if you learn something new, you are totally willing to show up and be a leader, and you are also willing to be a student. You offer a very nurturing, empathetic and safe container for transformation without being coddling.”

- Kate Holly, Life Coach & Founder of Yoga Refuge


I work with 5 women per year inside this program. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you and to get in my queue for the next opening.


The 6 Paths to Awaken

Brave, Belong, Believe, Brilliance, Bequest, Bliss.

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The Brave Paths

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Months 1 & 2: Brave

You are worth being brave with your life but only you can define what brave means to you and how you’ll know you’re living it to the best of your ability. During months 1 and 2 you will explore Brave.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Your Adventure Begins and Unreasonable Requests. During month one you will schedule your 1-day Breakthrough Session™.


Months 3 & 4: Belong

If you are going to be brave with your life, you will get your butt kicked. This isn’t what defines you. Belonging wholly to your life defines you. During months 3 and 4 you will explore Belong.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Courage & Radical Acceptance and The Inner Teachers.


Months 5 & 6: Believe

Believing in yourself is not an inflated set of optimistic beliefs. It is a daring path to uphold your deepest truths and use your life to light the path for others. During months 5 and 6 you will explore Believe.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Owning Your Story and The Inner Rumble.


Months 7 & 8: Brilliance

Brilliance is in letting your vision be seen and utilized to guide others toward their own brilliance. Being the visionary is an awesome responsibility. During months 7 and 8 you will explore Brilliance.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Visionary Mare and Brave Your Wild.


Months 9 & 10: Bequest

You can not change the world by asking it to shift. You can only bring the world to life by coming to life yourself. What gift will your life leave? If you could leave this planet with anything, what would it be and how would you leave it? During months 9 and 10 you will explore Bequest.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Your Life’s Message and Your True North.


Months 11 & 12: Bliss

You will have hundreds, if not thousands, of callings in your lifetime. What matters is whether you’re paying attention or not and trust your right to say yes to every adventure. During months 11 and 12 you will explore Bliss.

Deep Dives and Brave Page topics include Callings and Trust. *Between months 11 and 12 you will schedule your 4-day Private Retreat.



I work with 5 women per year inside this program. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you and to get in my queue for the next opening.




“Working with Andrea is like having my own fairy godmother. I feel heard, inspired, pushed, cajoled and always with my deepest dreams in mind.”

- Sheri Fitts, Creator of Women Rocking Wallstreet

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“Owning your story and loving ourselves through that process is that bravest thing we'll ever do.”

- Brené Brown



Our Year Together

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12 Months Together

Awaken Your Bliss is a 12-month complete pathway to help you uplevel your life from the inside out and work so that you can use your life as a light for others.

Two Deep Dives Each Month

We meet for a powerful deep dive twice each month. These conversations are private (1:1) and are 75-minutes each. We will have powerful conversations but this is just the start. During our time together you will also experience guided meditations, journal writing, reading, yoga, intuitive guidance, energy work, NLP, Mental Emotional Release™ Therapy, Somatic Release Technique…and more.

Brave Pages

You are the author of your own life. Through your Brave Pages you will begin to not only rumble with your intuition, you will invite her to play a vital role in your life, work, and purpose.

1-day Breakthrough Session™

The part of you that got yourself here can’t be the same you that creates your future. You need to clear the mind and body so you can create from a place of freedom. Our breakthrough session is ONE day. This may take place virtually or in-person.

Your breakthrough session includes intensive coaching, Mental Emotional Release™ Therapy, values re-alignment, goal creation, future-self meditation, and unearthing of your ‘Why’. *This session is life-altering on its own. Do NOT sign up for this program if you are unprepared for this experience alone.

4-Day Private Retreat in Manzanita, Oregon

You will join me for a private 4-day retreat during month 11 or 12 of your program. Together we will stay at the beautiful and private Awtrey House overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Manzanita, Oregon.

Between sessions enjoy private yoga, journal writing, meditation, beach walks, or soak in your personal soaking tub overlooking the ocean. Your retreat includes breakfast and dinner. Your private retreat is included in the cost of your coaching year.

*Travel to and from your retreat and additional accommodations outside your retreat dates are not included. Your retreat must be scheduled between March-October for weather considerations.

Awaken Your Bliss Workbook

Move through the Awaken Your Bliss workbook. Between deep dives you’ll have 24 Brave Page Practices. This is journal writing like you’ve never experienced and it will carry you and your process during our time together. Your workbook will arrive in the mail during our first week together.

Horse Whispering Session

Experience a 2-hour Equine Coaching Experience at Wild Horse Mountain Ranch, a non-profit rescue facility for mustangs. Be lead by myself and master equine coach, Jesse Johnson through a powerful integration session to compliment our time together. *This is scheduled for the day before our private retreat. Accommodations are not provided for the additional day.

1-Year Subscription to The Brave Page

Receive a one-year subscription to my monthly journal membership, The Brave Page. Enjoy two new journal practices per month plus new techniques and writing meditations to deepen your writing.

Crisis Calls

You will have my private number for crisis calls and text messages between conversations as needed.

Your Investment is $20,000

Take a year to pay at $1697 per month

I work with 5 women per year inside this program. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you and to get in my queue for the next opening.

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“Before, I’d been doing what people “told me” I should do, and sacrificing my intuitive knowing that it wasn’t right for me. I would recommend Andrea to anyone feeling lost in their work, their craft, their creative potential. I would recommend Andrea if you want to shift something deep and step into the biggest, boldest version of your greatest potential. She crafts an experience that is beauty-filled, graceful and transformative. Now I’m ready to shine and let my brilliance out.

- Jessica Williams, Founder of The Superwoman Summit


What Clients Are Saying…


“The questions that you ask take me to some of the deepest places I've ever been.”

- Sam Ibarguen, Energy Healer, Speaker, Writer



“You are one of those people that when I'm no longer with you, I still maintain a conversation with you in my head because I don't wanna let you go and I'm not ready for the conversation to end.”

- Natalie McGuire, Designer and Coach



“I never feel you suggest or ask me to do something you wouldn't do yourself, and at the same time I also always feel you guide me to do what is most myself, even if that's not what you would do.”

- Danielle LaRock, Founder of Tiny Haven



“Andrea is mother f*cking alchemist and transformation artist, but at the soul level-helping others to find the beauty in the ashes, turning coal into gold.”

- Rosalie Davis, Master Life Coach


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I work with 5 women per year inside this program. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you and to get in my queue for the next opening.