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Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

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Really good coaching can change people's lives & It speaks for itself.

What I love about coaching is the pure potential available in every single conversation. You get to create something new with your clients every time but most coaches can only take a client as deep as they themselves are prepared to go.

How prepared are you to dive in?

"[THE] second fastest growing industry in the country is none other than...

life coaching."

- According to the ICF’s 2016 global coaching study

Second only to technology, coaching is a hot commodity. I love this. And I don't love this. What I love is that coaching is transformative, effective, and a powerful tool and people are taking notice. It can be the thing that sparks people to live the life they only ever imagined.

What I don't love is as our industry grows, I'm sorry to say our standards haven't...

What if we could create a collective of coaches to help change this? What if we could remember what great coaching is all about and deepen our self-awareness at the same time? What if each month we came together and bettered our practice of really great coaching? What if we could thrive in our businesses and not fret so much about how we get and keep clients?

Welcome to The Awakened Coach

A monthly membership for coaches looking to do two things:

1. Be in a community with coaches committed to great coaching.

2. Stay on the growing edge of what turns your coaching into a thriving coaching business.

*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

Cue the honesty...

Quite frankly, there is not even a slap on the wrist for hanging out your coaching shingle and charging the big bucks, and many coaches have done just this. What I found from the inside is that many of the highest paid coaches in the world are not certified, some of the most enrolled coaching programs are not accredited, and the overall standard for “good coaching” is quite low.
The faster the industry grows, the more it seems to leave plenty of room for low accountability, unethical practice, and lack of professionalism. Great coaches are being looked over for coaches with bold tag lines, and even bolder sales tactics.
Guess what? People are starting to notice. We are getting a bit of a reputation, and I'm not surprised. Coaching has become a one-stop shop for pyramid schemes, sales funnels, upselling, and “over-promise/under-deliver” outcomes. 

Even still, the most common mistake I see isn't an overindulgence in high-end programs and sales tools.

The most common mistake? Not enough dedication to the art of coaching or a real understanding of how to be an effective, powerful, results-oriented coach. There are some pitfalls every well-intended coach falls into -- for example:

Not trained or formally educated in coaching

Too much explanation, not enough exploration

Overly systemized and overly program dependent

Can't retain long-term clients

Get stuck in the "accountability buddy" phase

Told their fees are too high

Simply aren't coaching enough every week

No mentorship or ongoing support

Too much focus on "powerful" coaching

Spending too much time ON their business and not enough time in it just coaching

Make coaching far harder than it needs to be

Not listening enough

Try to be an impressive coach, instead of an effective one

Leading the client and sharing their own bias

Raising their prices too frequently or randomly

Learning from untrained or non-certified coaches

Not getting enough referrals

So, what's missing? 

Coaching can, and should, sell itself

Transformative coaching is its own best-selling tool. There's no need to overly explain your coaching; simply show up and be a great coach. But this is easier said than done. What makes coaching transformative, memorable, and effective enough that clients keep coming back and are happy to refer your work?

start proving how good your clients are

Your clients are creative, resourceful, and whole. These are the three standard assumptions all coaches operate from. Your clients are not broken, troubled, or messed up. But we all get off of our path in life. Show them how good they are and use their strengths to build them back up.

Dig into a client's roots & untangle their stories

More than 99% of our waking life is actually "offline" in parts of the brain we call the unconscious. Your clients deepest desire to change has to be met from their inner world with new roots, integrated stories, and a new understanding of their limiting beliefs. 


Invite your intuition to the table

Working with your intuition can be scary. Where does it come from? How real is it? Can you trust and rely on it? Allowing your intuition into a coaching conversation can connect you to your client's deeper needs and help move them inward without having to effort your way through it. 

master the basics, first

You might get bored with the basics, but your clients won't. Transformative coaching begins with three basics: listening, powerful questions, and presence. 

Set a strong container

Clients only push back or resist your coaching when there isn't enough safety or trust present. When you set a strong container, you show a client that you're connected to them and that you can navigate whatever comes up with ease.

Practice 10x more than you think you need to

Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more. I still coach 200+ hours per year outside of my clientele to keep my coaching fresh and to sharpen my own skills.

*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

Thank you so much for your coaching materials! You are very talented and I appreciate your willingness to share your wonderful workbooks and so much of yourself. I have only been a life coach for a few months (after 30 years as a Public Relations professional) and I’m trying to fill myself with all the knowledge I can get, and your presentations are very helpful!
— Bela Friedman, ICF Certified Coach

Here's what you get every month:

6-Module Foundation Kit

Just for joining, you'll get my foundation kit complete with 6 modules. Plus, scripts, templates, audio classes, a guide to sticky calls and difficult conversations, plus bonus biz tools for selling coaching and confidently raising your rates without succumbing to trendy sales tactics.

Master classes  

These monthly classes are 90 minutes long and designed to stretch your coaching practice, support your growing coaching business, and teach you user-friendly tools for transformative coaching. 


Learn from some of the best coaches in the industry with built-in mentoring. They are available for live coaching during the master classes and in our private discussion group.

Practice Rooms.png

Practice Rooms

Join a quarterly practice room - a 12 week practice space with a live client and 3-4 coaching peers. Get real-time feedback and better your coaching skills with hands on mentorship. *Practice Rooms are an upgraded cost.

Instant Community 

Join coaches dedicated to being a great coach. Your community includes daily connection, a private forum with guest experts, and leadership opportunities from within the tribe. With the app you can carry it with you!

Monthly Focus created by you

Each month you get to help choose the theme. At the end of the month you'll get a newsletter with a fresh article, your master class recording and additional resources. 



I love to add little bonuses! Get business builders, client resources, extra 1:1 support, and more just for being a member. I am inspired by our community and continue to add value.

Be part of something big

By being a member in The Awakened Coach you are part of a global network of coaches who are all committed to a higher standard in our industry. Join a community of coaches doing the work just like you! 


*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

This is what is possible when you do the work — when you lay down the strategies that are no longer serving you and do the inner work of finding alignment, connecting to your higher self, trusting in the divine and believing in your intuition.
— Jessica Williams - Martha Beck Master Coach

Confessions of a recovering life coach...

In the spring of 2017 I almost left coaching behind. I was making multiple six figures, had a waiting list of clients, and was being sought out for speaking gigs and teaching.

This is what so many coaches work so hard for and I was no exception. I felt like I was at the top of my game. 

So, then, why was I so willing to walk away?

I was disenchanted with the coaching industry. The sales pages, funnel systems, money-driven catch phrases, and thousands of uncertified coaches...we were getting a bit of a reputation and I'm not surprised. It was all enough to make me want to leave coaching behind. 

With all the brilliant solutions available as pointed out in perfectly poised sales letters and sales funnels, we should all be buying our way to happiness with ease. And yet, we seem to be suffering more. Here's the thing: transformation cannot be sold on a website or alluded to in a clever and colorful sales page.

I think we've defaulted to step-making, program creation, and yes, the perfectly scripted coach’s sales page, because the truth is, if we didn't bedazzle the hard stuff, would any of us consume it? Would we really take the raw action required to practice things like compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and joy? Would we willingly trek through our roots and untangle habits, generational wounds, stories, and strategies that are actually harming us?

I thought it was my time to move on, but really what I wanted was to no longer be associated with coaching - which made me sad because I love coaching.

I love what I know is possible and what I think being a coach still stands for.

So here I was, on the brink of leaving it all behind, and my gut was screaming at me to take a second look at this. To not be so hasty and to slow down. To return to my roots, and if in the stillness of my heart, coaching didn't ring true then I could move on. But if in that stillness I remembered my fondness for this art, then I was to not only stay, but stay with purpose.

See, here's the thing -

I am a really good coach. 

For almost 10 years I've coached 250+ clients and accumulated over 2,000 coaching hours. I've spent more than 300 hours in the classroom learning how to coach. I know a thing or two about great coaching because I've been the worst coach...and I've worked diligently to be a master coach. 

My clients stay, my clients refer, but most importantly, my clients get lasting results because of great coaching.

And I want to help you get there, too. 

Because the world doesn't need more coaches, it needs great ones.

*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

I am a giant Andrea Leda fan. My previous experience working with her as a coach was amazing! Every time I talk with her I am uplifted in some way so I make sure to do it as often as possible!
— Damien Sullivan, Spiritual Coach + Awaken Your Life Pilgrim

Who is the awakened coach for?

You're a certified coach

The Awakened Coach is for Professional Coaches who have completed certification or are in process of doing so, as well as licensed professionals. >> Please review this list for our current approved certifications. Don't see your certification listed and feel you're a great fit? Please email and we can have a look!

You want to be remembered

You understand that great coaching is a powerful skill but also a gift to humanity. You are dedicated to being a master coach, because you know in the end people will only remember how they felt working with you.

You want a successful business 

You are here to be of higher service to the greater good of all using the powerful vehicle of coaching. You also want to have a successful business or private practice and this is a skill not often taught in coach-training programs. You want your hard work to pay off and to fill your practice. 

You want mentoring that works

If you're like many coaches, once you finished your coach education you stopped getting ongoing support and mentoring. You want your coaching to be held accountable but you also want support with sticky situations, grow your business, build new skills, and trust how good you are.

*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

Anytime I can spend with Andrea opens up new worlds and possibilities for me. The very experience of having someone be unconditionally present with us while we are going through our process is healing in and of itself. I am often reminded of our calls and in so many instances where I felt you were unconditionally present. I wanted to thank you for that. It is a gift and I am so blessed to have experienced it multiple times.
— Kim Wilde, wellness coach

Questions? I have answers!

How does my 1 week free trial work?

We won't charge your card until day 7 after joining. If before your week is up we're not the right place for you, cancel and we won't charge your card.

Will you send me a bill every month? How does the billing work?

You will be automatically charged on the day of the month you signed up plus 7 days for your free trial. For example, if you joined on the 15th of July, your next payment will be charged the 22nd of August. You are charged ongoing until you choose to cancel. Memberships cancelled mid-month are not refunded. 

What do I have to do to make sure my membership continues?

Nothing! You will be billed ongoing with a recurring monthly charge for $46.99. But please keep us updated with your current Credit Card information. We don't like hunting down that stuff anymore than you do. :)

When are the live Master Classes? Do the days and times ever change?

Master classes take place on the LAST Thursday of the month from 10-11:30AM PST unless specified in our community.

Can I cancel? What happens if I cancel my membership?

Cancel anytime! Once cancelled you'll be removed from the private group and classrooms. You can keep any resources and links you downloaded, including your foundation kit. There are NO refunds. If you cancel mid-month there are no pro-rates.

When will I receive the Awakened Coach Foundation Kit? 

After your first payment is confirmed, you'll receive a welcome letter with private login access to the Awakened Coach Membership site plus our discussion board. 

Do I have to be certified to join?

Yes. For the sake of our container as a community, when you join we ask that our members have completed a coach certification or are in-process of doing so. At this time The Awakened Coach is not open to non-certified coaches. >> Read our updated approved certifications list.

Don’t see your question here? No worries. My team is here for you. Write to us at:

Come be part of what is so good and right about the coaching world.

One powerful conversation at a time.

*Just $46.99/mo. once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime.

Thank you so so much for your ongoing perspective, wisdom, and guidance!
— Marli Williams, Women's Leadership coach