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Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

For Empath Entrepreneurs

awaken your practice

4-day Business immersion for empath entrepreneurs

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May 17-20, 2018  - Studio Northwest - portland, oregon


a letter to my fellow empath entrepreneurs,

I used to think I was just one of those business people who couldn't figure it out. Do you ever feel this way? My heart was always in the right place - service. I just wanted to help people! But when the anxiety of not getting clients, drowning in marketing strategies, and fear around money kept me from just serving I first thought I just wasn't built for this. I was wrong. 

You see, I am an empath and a deep feeler. I am sensitive and don't want to feel bad for my strengths as a seer and helper. In the business world I was made to feel like I needed "thicker skin", to "not take things so personally" and "it was only money". Yet, this advice kept my heart closed and my greatest gifts locked up.

I realized that I could succeed at business but it wold require going my own way. It required sharing my voice, using my story to connect, giving, and radical transparency with my clients. The more I showed my empathic gifts IN business the more my business succeeded. 

I built Awaken Your Practice for those who are just like me. It's for empath entrepreneurs and business owners who want to work from their heart center and who are ready to uplevel their business, make more money, do work that is fully aligned with their vision, and create balance in their whole life. Oh, and who are ready to invite a little magic in :)

Because how we do business isn't like anybody else.

This is soul food for your business.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to you and your team as well for holding yet another very powerful weekend. I wasn’t fully sure what to expect and had some different expectations than what I walked away with but everything felt perfect and exactly what I needed. The raw honesty you brought to the table was much needed. The wisdom you bring is always welcomed and heard. I can’t thank you enough for seeing me, what I’m capable of, and for supporting and encouraging me to step into it. I’m so grateful to have found you as a guide on this next step and new path for me.
— Laura Haug, Founder Golden 8 Healing


Are you ready to do this beautiful thing called purpose?

Book a 45-minute business review and find out if this weekend is for you!

During this 45-minute call Andrea will personally review three areas of your business: Your current business model, what you want in your business (ie. goals, dreams, and wishes), and where you're stuck (ie. money, not enough momentum, marketing, etc.)


  • Are you a service-based entrepreneur or practitioner who describes him or herself as an empath, intuitive, or sensitive?
  • Are you frustrated that most business advice encourages you to scale and leverage your business which moves you out of what you love the most, service?
  • Are you tired of feeling like their's something "wrong" with you because despite all the business advice out there you feel like you just can't figure it out?
  • Are you ready to unearth your real purpose and really take ownership of your gifts?
  • Are you ready to take things to the next level without getting overwhelmed?
  • Are you ready to be in a loving alignment with money and marketing?
  • Are you ready to clear out fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from paving the path you desire with your work so you can actually play big?
  • Are you aching to meet a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to support one another and collaborate?
  • Are you on the verge of burnout and exhaustion, and wondering why you're so compelled to keep doing this business thing?

Awaken Your Practice is NOT for...

Entrepreneurs unwilling to do the work and fully participate in the teachings.

Entrepreneurs who don't believe doing inner work creates outer success.

Business owners who want more strategy and tactics.

I mean, seriously. What. Do. I. Even. SAY?! I walked into Awaken Your Practice feeling broken. Raw. Directionless. And filled with all kinds of self-doubt, not just in business, but with life. And really, we both know business and life are the same things. I felt an intense need to figure things out, like, yesterday. My biggest takeaway is having permission to follow my heart and pursue something that I’ve been running away and hiding from. I get close to something good, I see visions of my future and where things can go but I’m too scared of, it’s too big, too good, and therefore too much. And I hide.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

This should be required education for being a human on the planet. Truly. But specifically, I’d recommend this for anyone who’s struggling, stuck, awaiting inspiration, creatively blocked, or who’s wondering what’s next in their biz and life. This program is for them.

I loved the way everything was structured, moving around the room and changing spots was THE BEST. Not just to meet new people, but to absorb the next lesson with a fresh pair of eyes/energy. That was genius. I loved the meditations, the story books, the concrete sales and values exercises, the vision board, the yoga... all of it. I wouldn’t change any of it, all the parts moved together and connected me to my own skin and intuition in ways I never would have experienced on my own or with any other program. As an introvert, I fully expected that every day would leave me energetically drained, and headachey, like I was hit by a truck. But somehow, this didn’t. I think that’s a testament to you and the people you chose to be a part of this event. To be blunt, I didn’t want the weekend to end, and I know I’m not alone in that.
— Natalie McGuire, Author + Graphic Designer



  • A reintroduction to business mastery specifically for empaths and heart-driven entrepreneurs.
  • Heal old stories that are keeping you from your most authentic self and the boldest expression of your work.
  • A creative outpouring of what you really want to offer the world and your BIG vision.
  • Connection to your higher self for guidance in bringing your vision to life.
  • Question limiting beliefs about your value, worth, money, time, and what people will pay -- as well as how you will be perceived when you step fully into your purpose by your center of influence and how to navigate this.
  • Integration so when you go home you are clear about what you’re doing and where to begin.
  • Understanding of how you're wired and why you don't have a "strategy" or "motivation" problem.
  • Connection and collaboration. I invite you not just to a weekend but to an experience with a tribe of people just like you. Come away with a newfound sense of being totally seen.


  • For you! Somewhere in there is a small you who is scared and is holding you back from your greatest offering out of fear. We don’t fight the “small you.” We nourish and listen and bring him or her back into the wholeness of your life.
  • For creativity to make its way out of your mind, your heart, and your soul into a space you can work with and turn into your most authentic work.
  • For your abilities to be a strength and not something to constantly be up against. As an empath it's easy to feel like what makes you YOU is the thing that makes business so hard. What if it were the opposite?
  • For you to tackle any and all money fears. Debt? Scarcity? Not enough? We will strip it down – what is money, how do you honor it, how do you disrespect it, what purpose does it hold, what relationship do you have with money and what do you desire?
  • For you to connect to your BIG vision and invite it to reveal itself to you.
  • For you to access the part of you that is tuned in and turned on. This is your soul and it’s always plugged into source consciousness, which means you have access to something that knows both your path and how to align yourself with it.
  • For possibility to become your new reality. If you can dream it…

Walking in on day one, I had feelings of calm anticipation. Walking out I feel at peace with a bigger vision and a bolder way of being. Now I feel so solid about making some really important shifts around my business vision and money. My biggest ‘aha’ was realizing how big my vision actually is and that now I feel grounded in making it happen. The money circle was the most challenging part of the weekend and it allowed me to move a ton of energy in my money stories and I wasn’t expecting this! I recommend this to any purpose-driven biz builders or even leaders of an organization. Anyone who is even thinking about impact worried about being seen, to wanting to shift their money story.
— Michael Knouse, founder of the Startup Sessions podcast and firestarter coach

Are you ready to do this beautiful thing called purpose?

Book a 45-minute business review and find out if this weekend is for you!

During this 45-minute call Andrea will personally review three areas of your business: Your current business model, what you want in your business (ie. goals, dreams, and wishes), and where you're stuck (ie. money, not enough momentum, marketing, etc.)



This is not a “done for you” strategy weekend. In my experience, you don’t need more ideas or ways to implement things. You crave clarity, peace of mind, creativity, to play full out, to be seen, and most importantly you crave to share your soul’s mission with the world successfully, without losing your balance.

I know. Because I am just like you.

I have sat through over 20 entrepreneurial trainings. I learned how to manage ideas and build a marketing calendar. I learned how to charge high fees and build programs. I learned how to grow my Facebook page and boost posts. I learned about sales funnels, joint ventures, and affiliate marketing. The list really goes on. And each training promised to be “the thing” to grow my business.

But no one single thing was the thing I needed to help my business soar. It would take me almost 6 years, 4 mentors, and over $30,000 before I finally did the thing I could have done all along:

 Trust my gut. (Know the feeling?)

So I did the most radical thing of all. I stopped. And I went within. And then the success I had been pining for just sort of…happened. I am doing less work and making more money than ever before. How? I am finally not afraid of my worth, my ideas, my creativity, my value, or my gifts. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect on day one. I was open to whatever the weekend would bring. Leaving on the final day I was grateful for the layout and the different teachers. Now I not only believe in a purpose path, I believe in MY purpose path. Everyone has so much to gain just by looking within. It brings up questions, but also clarification. Learning about yourself is a beginning point and we can’t do it on our own. You need guidance, teachers, and a safe environment. Awaken Your Practice provides it all.
— Davena Yee, Financial Advisor

4 days of radical ACCEPTANCE & Success

Day one: being 

You are your business. As a service-driven business, your best products or programs are you but our business culture today wants you to separate the two. Empath Entrepreneurs can't. You want to share yourself as your work. During day one you come home to your truth, what calls you to this work, and not just your unique gifts but your unique way of sharing them. 

Being sessions include:

Being Session #1, Coming Home to Your True Nature - The majority of business advice today doesn't work for an Empath Entrepreneur. You are a feeler and a healer by nature and traditional business advice will ask you to compartmentalize that when growing a business. In our first session you'll learn how to own your strengths as an empath. intuitive, and sensitive no matter the industry you're in. 
Being Session #2, Soul Alignment AS Business Alignment - Soul alignment is the alignment of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical systems. You'll learn how your subconscious is actually running the show and how results are merely feedback. Learn why business success isn't about "motivation" or "willpower" and why you can't effort your way out of mis-alignment. Play with an Empathy Map and tune right into your niche using your intuition.
Being Session #3, Stories, Fears, and Limiting Beliefs - We all operate behind some fear and outdated stories about what we are and are not capable of. You'll experience a radical shift in your stories and face the part of you that doesn't feel like you're "enough" or "ready" or "has enough time" to make your work what you want it to be.
Being Session #4, Trusting Your Sensitive Nature - As an empath and intuitive we believe your are actually poised for business but it requires that you fully trust how you're built and stop working against it. To wrap day one we'll have an open dialogue about how to give your gifts new meaning and make them the core of your work.


Day two: Doing 

If we could dream our way to success we would. However, business growth requires movement and taking action. During day two we break down how to organize your tasks, we'll reframe behavior and habits so you know how you work best, and we give you permission to stop modeling what doesn't work in the business world for you. What if you knew your marketing worked every time and you weren't afraid of enrollment, slow months, or if anyone was going to say yes to your offerings? 

Doing sessions include:

Doing Session #1, Authentic Marketing - Do you ever feel like you're making this far harder than it needs to be? Learn my principles for authentic marketing and how you already have everything you need to attract the perfect client or customer. Learn what it is your clients are actually buying and how your best marketing tool is something you already do every day.
Doing Session #2, Neuroscience of Success Part One with Christine Wilborn - You're wired a certain way - for safety first and actualization second. What does this mean in business? Learn how to actually set a goal that is safe for the brain and the difference between a "principle" and a "skill".
Doing Session #3, Neuroscience of Success Part Two with Christine Wilborn - Not all business owners are wired to approach entrepreneurship the same way. Discover your Entrepreneuro™ Type. Are you an Intuitive, Immersive, Connector, or Executive?
Doing Session #4, The Creative Sales Panel with all teachers - We end day two with a powerful sales panel. We take four businesses and workshop them live - we'll help you find the gap, what your best offering is, your actual business model, perfect pricing, and where to being marketing considering everything you've learned up to this point.


Day three: Having

You get up everyday and dedicate yourself to your work for a reason. Yes, you want freedom, space, money, and to have an impact. But you also want to actualize your purpose and live a life that matters to you. During day three we work through the last pieces of making this a reality. We spend time in your money stories and help you integrate this final key to receiving success. 

Having sessions include:

Having Session #1, Healing Your Money Stories - Money is a powerful gift but most of us treat it with fear, scarcity. anger, or resentment. Do you want more money in your business or life? Are you a spender, hoarder, or fleer with money? Who modeled money for you? Get to the root of your money story and how it effects your business every single day. As a group we'll dispense this and support one another in a a powerful demonstration of how our money stories run our life. Walk away feeling free and more clear.
Having Session #2, Be a Money Magnet with Christine Wilborn - Money is neutral energy. Money is also one of our three core resources. A healthy business requires sustainable income, energy, and time. Christine Wilborn will walk you through a basic numbers exercise to set your business up for success and empower you to understand your financial strengths as a business.
Having Session #3, Set Your Soul on Fire - Now that you know your Entrepreneuro™ type, you've brought awareness to what holds you back, you've claimed your right to money, and you've accepted your strengths as an empath it's time to get to know your big vision. Your business is a tool to support your life purpose. We'll go find it now that there's nothing standing between you and why you're here.
Having Session #4, Life Mission Excavation with Michelle Gay - This is so much more than a values exercise. This is a "life mission" excavation. Watch as your values and mission pour from you from single words all the way down to actionable beliefs and a single statement to wrap up the entire essence of the weekend.

Day Four: Play & Integrate

During our final day together, you will play with everything that unfolded in our weekend. What does this mean for your work moving forward? What programs, products, and offerings need to be born? What questions still linger? In addition, we'll have multiple breakout sessions, individual hot seats small group work, and more. We spend the final day totally focused on you and what you need most. 


Tools & techniques

This is not just a weekend-long workshop or lecture. I want you to roll up your sleeves and dig in. To help you do this, I will provide space to experience a number of tools and techniques to help you see things in a new light. These include (but are not limited to!):

  • Journal writing
  • Vision boards
  • Meditation and guided visualization with master teacher, Kristin Fritz 
  • Group breakout sessions
  • Optional hot seats
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Values elicitation
  • Teacher panels
  • Limiting beliefs release work
  • Goals & planning
  • Networking & community building
  • Guest teachers
  • And so much more.

Are you ready to do this beautiful thing called purpose?

Book a 45-minute business review and find out if this weekend is for you!

During this 45-minute call Andrea will personally review three areas of your business: Your current business model, what you want in your business (ie. goals, dreams, and wishes), and where you're stuck (ie. money, not enough momentum, marketing, etc.)

Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. It was filled with many gifts that I am still processing and receiving the full potential of. Who you are and the way you show up to offer insight, courage and inspire truth has acted as a special catalyst in my life. It feels like you were part of my tipping point, a culmination of readiness that needed a final surge of energy to pull me into grounded clarity. Thank you for your special part in this awakening. The artist in me feels awake, inspired and empowered. I submitted a proposal to a building for my potential dream photo studio. In the coming months, I will be making some financial investments and taking some risks. Thanks to your guidance, I take action with an honest, trusting heart and willingness to ask for support. I feel very intentional about my steps and ready to do the work I am called to.
— Kristal Passy, photographer + artist


I am honored to introduce you to our guest teachers and speakers who will be teaching from their purpose lane. Each guest started someplace very different but they all have one thing in common: they are living their purpose and have plenty to share about how they’re making it a reality. 


Christine Wilborn, Master Neuro Coach

Christine Wilborn is a self-proclaimed neuro-nerd. Christine acts as a translator between you and your brain to find out what your brain needs to feel safe so that you can move forward in your business and your life. She helps entrepreneurs achieve a high level of performance, health, and happiness who are currently exhausted, overwhelmed, and wasting a lot of time and energy focused on trying to change the wrong things

Christine uses Applied Neuroscience of Personal Transformation to help entrepreneurs understand why their goals and plans don’t come to fruition, why they feel resistance and avoidance in their work, and how they have set themselves up to fail before they even start. 

Christine will help you work smarter, not harder by aligning how you’re uniquely wired and your daily habits to build a business around what you can’t live without in life. Learn your unique Entrepreneuro™ Type and why you don't have a "motivation" problem in your business.


Michelle Gay, Small Business Consultant and Team Builder

Michelle Gay is the owner of V.I.A.BLE Business Consulting. As a business consultant, her focus is helping businesses uncover their “why” and develop systems and processes to support it.  She works to incorporate elements into the business that are important to owners and teaches them how to create an environment that everyone can thrive in.  

She helps owners go inside and find the internal drivers for their business instead of focusing in the external drivers that we tend to get caught up in. Together, they create an environment of growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

Michelle has a talent for breaking things down to a simple, easily understood language that makes the process accessible for everyone. She uses a variety of tools and tactics to access her clients which at times even includes reading children's books.Michelle will guide you through honing in on the core values of your business and your life and teach you how to use them as your guiding compass.  Michelle uses this exercise with her clients as a foundation for developing the culture and structure of their businesses.

Are you ready to do this beautiful thing called purpose?

Book a 45-minute business review and find out if this weekend is for you!

During this 45-minute call Andrea will personally review three areas of your business: Your current business model, what you want in your business (ie. goals, dreams, and wishes), and where you're stuck (ie. money, not enough momentum, marketing, etc.)

Thank you, Andrea. I am so grateful for this experience! On day one I was feeling at rock-bottom about my life and business, I was lost and confused. At the end of the weekend, I felt I had a breakthrough. I felt supported, less alone, more confident, reinvigorated, loved, at peace and recommitted to my work. My biggest takeaway was that I do have limiting beliefs and stories that are holding me back and mucking up my work, success, and productivity. I realized and got a glimpse of my potential and saw a bigger vision for myself. There is real power in spiritual well-being and it does affect your business. I recommend AYP to anyone who feels stuck in the phases of business. Someone who feels like they are struggling to grow, focus, and get their work to fly.
— Jessica Williams, founder of the Superwoman Chronicles podcast and the Superwoman Project


Your experience includes...

  • A 4-day immersion with your tribe of empath entrepreneurs and business owners (May 17-20th, 2018) who are ready to unearth their real purpose and take ownership of their gifts creatively, financially, and easily.
  • A comfortable and intimate setting at the beautiful Studio Northwest in Portland, Oregon.
  • Awaken Your Practice journal workbook – a 250 page comprehensive journal workbook to work through over the weekend. 
  • Over 15 BONUS Coaching Call Downloads with Awaken Your Practice students. Listen to 15+ hours of group coaching to help entrepreneurs like you in their business.
  • All 2017 Business Master Classes. Listen to master classes on money, marketing, business planning, neuroscience of success, and more.
  • Coffee, tea, and water provided all weekend.
  • Small community for collaboration, breakout sessions, and connection.
  • Guest speakers and teachers who are on their own purpose path.
  • Access to me throughout the weekend for questions, quick coaching, and support in your process.
  • Lifetime access to attend as many times as you like. Once you attend AYP you're welcome back as my guest, spots limited. More than 60% of students re-attend two or more times.
  • An optional info session about Awaken Your Life. Enroll during AYP and receive $1,000 off your deposit.
  • The 52 Week Journal - a year a journaling right to your inbox as our gift to you!

What’s not included: Travel to and from the event each day, hotel accommodations, or meals.

Ready to enroll? Choose your option!

Option #1: Pay in full

Awaken Your Practice

Option #2: 3 Payments of $365

*Once your first payment is made our team will schedule remaining payments.

Come away from these three days proud of who you are, what you’re meant to do, and clear about how you’ll share it with the world.

Because the world needs your magic.