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Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."


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why I answered my calling

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It all started on January 8th, 2014...

I woke up with the dawn, walked downstairs, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat myself on the couch, and opened my journal to write like every other morning. And then something it would take almost two years to understand happened: 

I had a spiritual awakening. (Uh oh.)

Let me back up…30 years. I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, surrounded by evergreen trees and refreshing rain (and plenty of coffee). I am the youngest of three and the only daughter. My parents, now married for 45 years, were and still are amazing parents. They surrounded us with so much love, tradition, books, music, and the encouragement to “follow our bliss.”

We were also atheists. We prided ourselves on knowledge, logic, and getting to the simple truth of life.

When it felt like Source/God/Universe cracked me open on that January day, I was a lot confused. Questions began to pour out of my pen which I had never contemplated or given much thought to. Questions like, “What is consciousness? Are we infinite?”

I would spend the next two years in search of answers. What happened to me? What did I miss? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Is there a God? What is Source? How do I feel about religion? What is spirituality? What are the mystics telling us? What is my role in all of this?

I read every text I could get my hands on. I asked teachers, leaders, healers, intuitives, and mentors these questions. I wrote hundreds of pages in my journal. And slowly the answers began to flood from me. I knew what I believed…but I was terrified to say it.

So I hid. 

I didn’t talk about my awakening with many.

I didn’t write about it or share it.

I didn’t work with it or invite it into my sessions.

The truth was, this wasn't new. I wasn't simply "waking up" so much as I was remembering who I was. I've always been intuitive and tapped into things I can't see but know to be true. We live in a world where these things, which at one time were celebrated culturally, are questioned and criticized for their lack of "truth" and validity. 

But every day from then on I was walking around literally in awe of life and its purpose. 

I’ve known since that day that I am meant to be a spiritual leader and teacher, a healer and a guide. I am meant to use my intuitive gifts to hold space for others and help them heal and live their purpose.

More than two years later and I am ready to share this…

I was sent here by Source (God, Universe, I Am, One) to help the world wake up from within. To remember that we are one, we are love, and we are incredible beings. To help you awaken your life from the inside out.

This is “the work.” This is my calling. I’ve tried being a coach and a counselor. I’ve tried to fit my work into a more comfortable box with different niches, markets, and websites. The more I squeezed in there, the more it hurt.

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. And yet I know with my entire being that I am finally home.

Hello. I am Andrea. I am a Spiritual Leader for the Soul Seeker. I am here to help you heal the relationship with yourself and create magic in your world. I live in Portland, Oregon among the evergreen trees (and coffee!) with my beautiful wife, Chris, and our rescue puppy, Sabine.

Thank you for being here. Let’s do this beautiful thing called life, shall we?

Light and love,

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I was curious about the intersection of spiritual mentorship and biz/life coaching. It felt like a powerful combination. If I had to describe my feeling now it would be FREE. Free of emotional clutter, free of fears, free of the past...I recommend this work for people who are looking for intense personal growth support through a spiritual lens. It is a powerful combination. This level of intense introspection is not for the faint of heart.
— Andy Hayes, fellow magician + founder of

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Why i answered the call...

We are all on a journey, and in every journey there's an opportunity to let go of an old narrative and move into the unknown. It's the unknown that most people want to avoid -- but if you do, you miss the greatest opportunity to awaken your life and literally manifest your dreams. 

We all have a calling. Sometimes it comes through loud and clear. Other times it's merely a faint whisper, and you feel crazy for even thinking something is speaking to you. (You're not alone!)

I answered my calling because I ached to return to my intuitive roots and use my gift to help people heal and radically uplevel their life. I believe when we serve others we live full out, no matter our work. Since bridging my spiritual practices and my coaching I've witnessed miracles. And magic is just way more fun...

I've watched as people heal stories in a day that have been plaguing them for years, when no amount of therapy or medication could help.

I've seen people change their relationship to money in a moment and have years of stress melt away.

I've sat with leaders in major companies who now feel safe enough to have vulnerable conversations for the first time in their career.

I've seen entrepreneurs finally feel like enough after years of hustling and struggling to be successful, and watch as they let themselves be seen and then finally experience the success they were pining for.

I've watched people break old habits and patterns that instantly mend relationships and allow them to let go of anger and resentment, in less than a few hours.

I've held space for groups and witnessed people pour so much love and support out for one another's success that it left me speechless.

I could keep going. The truth is, I love people and I have a strong belief in our capacity to do good. 

Since my awakening I've had many “aha” moments. Whether through my own exploration, in learning from my teachers, or my many intuitive downloads, I've collected wisdom about the meaning of life, why we suffer, how to hear your calling, how to change your story, the real law of attraction, how to heal emotional crisis, the power of forgiveness, the beauty of money, and many more.

Although my private work and immersions are not for everyone, I want these messages to be shared with all who want them. I write insights every week for my Soul Seeker Inner Circle. This space is my gift to you. You can sign up below.

Wherever your wild and magical life takes you, I send you so much light & love. And know that I believe in you. 

Yes, you.

Andrea is truly a spiritual leader, one who is dedicated, humble, walks the walk, and provides the space for you to see yourself as you truly are. She helps you shine. I felt so accepted through the process of working with her that it was so easy to let go of the old stuff. The best part is, I feel like I am being True to my Self, and being fully and completely me. Two days after the breakthrough, I am already developing a course and coaching program that I feel is my Soul’s work and supports my long-term vision.
— Danielle LaRock, Founder of The Haven

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Andrea Leda has been called "the Life Coach Guru" and "a force to be reckoned with who truly makes this world go round." As a sought-after master coach, teacher, and spiritual leader, she is dedicated to helping people understand that we don’t interact with our world by watching it, we create our world by how we see it. 
 She brings a deep understanding and practical application of powerful coaching techniques, NLP, journal therapy, and mental and emotional release work to her coaching. Andrea leads her clients and organizations such as the ICF, Nike, and the Integrative Wellness Academy through experiences and methods to reach their fullest potential in life and business. She believes that by supporting people to heal from within we can heal the world.
She lives in Portland, Oregon.


Education & training

Andrea Leda is board certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology as a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP), practitioner of Mental Emotional Release® (MER), and clinical Hypnotherapist. She is accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Certified Life Coach and Certified Master Practitioner of Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching.

She holds a B.A. in Human Services of Social Work and completed graduate studies from Saybrook University in Systems Counseling. To date, Andrea has completed over 2,000 hours in coach-client sessions.

Certified Master Practitioner of Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching, MILC – Integrative Wellness Academy

Certified ICF Life Coach, CLC – Institute for Life Coach Training, accredited by the ICF

Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis -The Association for Integrative Psychology

Master Practitioner of Mental Emotional Release™, MER – The Association for Integrative Psychology

Certified Journal to the Self Instructor – Center for Journal Therapy

Graduate Work in Systems Counseling – Saybrook University

B.A. Social Work and Human Services – Western Washington University

Member, International Coaching Federation

Member, Spiritual Directors International




1. I don't cry when I chop up onions. So guess who gets to chop all the onions while cooking?
2. My middle name, Leda, means "small winged one" and I am the third generation of women to be given this name.
3. I hate playing charades. Like, abnormally dislike everything about it.
4. Blue butterflies have been following me since my awakening. Hang out with me for a day and they'll follow you too.
5. I married my wife twice.