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The 52 Week Journal

The 52 Week Journal

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12 months in your journal

In the journal you not only remember yourself, you create yourself. Journal writing is my favorite way to connect to my intuition, to heal and process hardships, to feel heard, and to capture my dreams and goals. I use my journal to process my past, but more importantly I use my journal to paint my dreams into existence. 

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52 weeks of journaling, from the comfort of your home

Every 7 days for a whole year we'll drop a piece of the course into your inbox. All you have to do is open and write.

Get weekly prompts, monthly themes, plus over 18 journal techniques to help you expand on your personal journaling practice.

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12 Payments of $10

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12 monthly themes


Month 1: Intro to Journaling & The Techniques

This first class has some basics about journaling writing and what to expect with a journal practice. If you find that you love it, you don't have to wait for your weekly journal prompts to come through. Just pick up your journal and start writing!

Month 2: Explore Your Dreams

Dreams being a projection of your future we'll spend this month looking forward. Find out who you become, what you enjoy, what kind of life you could live, and what dreams unfold for you. This is playful and requires your intuition! 

Month 3: Trust Your Intuition

There is no greater gift to your life than your intuition. This is your higher self, your wise self, and your gut all in one. We all have the gift of intuition but don't often tune into it or rely on it. This month you'll practice listing to it and inviting it to move through your pen. You'll play with letters and a few prompts to get connected with your inner wise self.

Month 4: Practice Self-Acceptance

Self-Acceptance is a daily practice. Some days we feel more accepting of who we are than other days but it is something to come close to whenever possible. Step up to feeling whole, resourceful, and worthy and see what life is like from this perspective. Self-Acceptance and self-love go hand-in-hand. Let them.

Month 5: Share Your Story

We are walking store tellers and story creators. Your story is worth telling even if you don't know what it is just yet. When you share a part of your story you give another permission to do the same. Our stories are what bring us closer together they humanize us, and keep us connected to a greater truth bugger than all of us. That we are all connected.

Month 6: Money Healing

Of all the various reasons someone comes to work with me, money is always in the top three. We want more money, yes, but what I've found to be even truer is we want a healthier relationship TO money. We want to heal our money wounds, to change what we were taught and not taught about money, and spin a different story moving forward.

Month 7: Purpose Path

We all have purpose. I don't believe it's valuable to ask, “What is my purpose?” Because you have many. It is valuable, however, to ask, “How do I know I'm living with purpose?” Your life is one great unfolding and the things that call you fourth are worth listening to and for. What makes for a great life? Well, I think it depends on who you ask. This month, ask this of yourself.

Month 8: Navigating Forgiveness & Grief

I almost didn't include this topic because I wanted to keep things 'light' but that would have been dis-honest. Everyone will experience grief in their life. This entire course was inspired by losing my mother. She gifted me my very first journal and she and I both shared a love for our writing space. In grieving her I mostly wanted to stay connected to her, and this course was created from that space. There's no one way to grieve or navigate forgiveness but it is important that when it's present, you move in even closer to it.

Month 9: Significant Life Moments

Our life is one big moving memory. From event to event. But there are life events that change you, events that carve your path or take you on an entirely new journey. What are these moments? When was the last time you sat with them or honored their place in your bigger story? These may feel like snapshots but they are deeper, they helped create or find you when you felt lost.

Month 10: Presence of Mind

All we really have is this moment. Everything else is a memory of the moment or a projection of future moments to come. This month you slow down and be with what is. The 'Now' moment holds everything at once. If you can, clear the mind and call on your intuition and all you have to do is BE here, now. Breathe and be.

Month 11: Defining Your Best Life

No matter what happens in your life or around your life, you are in the driver's seat. You get to define your best life and it's important that you do or others will for you. This isn't to say that things you can't plan for won't happen – they will. While you don't always have control over what happens TO you, you always have control over how you respond. This choice is always yours to make.

Month 12: What's next?

My hope is that you'll discover something about yourself you didn't know before. That you are re-introduced to how amazing and valuable you are. And that just maybe you'll come away with a journal practice in your life and with it a wonderful space for solitude and introspection.

12 Payments of $10

or Save 20% when you pay in full - $99

*The first week of the course drops into your inbox as soon as you enroll!

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18 Journal Techniques

There is more to journaling than "Dear Diary". Here is a sample of the journal techniques you'll explore throughout your 52 weeks...

Dialogues & Unsent Letters

The Dialogue is a written conversation in which you write both parts. Unsent Letters are similar to dialogues except you only write from yourself to something or someone. 

Art Making

Art Making isn't about being a great artist! Making art, drawing, doodling even engages a different part of your mind. A creative part that has more to express than words can always capture. 

Writing Prompts

Prompts are similar to Springboards – they are a jumping off point in the journal.

Springboards & Perspectives

Springboards are a sentence or a question written first to help your journal session of focus and clarity. 

Inner Wisdom

Request guidance from the part of you that holds that 30,000 foot perspective. The part of you that holds your truth and has your highest good at heart. 

Time Capsules & Stream of Consciousness

Review a time period covering significant events and play with a free-flow of thoughts.

And more!

12 Payments of $10

or Save 20% when you pay in full - $99

*The first week of the course drops into your inbox as soon as you enroll!



Can I just have the whole year at once and I'll go at my own pace? 

In my experience, the excitement weens quick and suddenly the intent to journal every week just...goes away. Keep your dedication going for the whole year with bite-size bits in your inbox weekly.

Does this course auto-renew in a year? 

Nope! One time fee of $99 or 12 monthly payments of $10 and you're in for the full 52 weeks. Once it's done, it's done. I recommend you keep every email and save them for future use.

What do I need to do this course? 

A journal, a pen, and a timer.

Is it really just $99 for the whole 52 weeks? 

Yes! Really.

What if I don't like it, can I have a refund? 

I don't offer refunds for my online programs. I try to price them in a way that makes it easy and affordable for just about anyone to try on! 

How do the monthly payments work?

The 52 Week Journal is a year-long journaling program that can be paid in full or in 12 monthly payments, it is not a subscription or membership you can opt out of.

When does it start?

The first week of the course drops into your inbox as soon as you enroll!

12 Payments of $10

or Save 20% when you pay in full - $99

*The first week of the course drops into your inbox as soon as you enroll!

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.
— Christina Baldwin