Andrea Leda
Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

Private Mystic



A great teacher never strives to explain her vision. She simply invites you to stand beside her and see for yourself.
— Rev. R. Inman

My process is simple. this is about you living your magic. 

I don't have coaching programs and I don't do strategy. Instead, I create experiences with my clients and customize the work to their needs. I invite you to try my work as my initial gift to you with a 60-minute call. I coach change leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, innovative creators, and people on a mission. 

Due to high demand, Andrea is now taking applications for her initial mystic sessions.

Before you apply, let me tell you exactly who this experience is: 

  1. Are you a leading entrepreneur, visionary, or big thinker who wants in the game of their big work? Learn how the story you tell yourself shapes your reality. If your story isn’t helping you, it’s time to change your story.
  2. Are you ready to deepen your own practices of radical personal self-development? From the moment you plant a new story, you manifest a new fruit. See immediate changes in your life by investing in your new roots.
  3. Are you looking to activate a kind of inner power that has immeasurable outcomes? Connect to something greater than your individual self and start to use the grander picture to guide, heal, and up-level your life and work.

This call is not for everyone. This is not for you if:

  • You are unwilling to invest in YOU with time, money, or energy. 
  • You are not interested in changing your story which can sometimes mean letting go of old habits and patterns. 
  • You are just looking for free coaching. 


Apply for a 60-minute exploration. I don't talk about my process, I just show up and coach. Apply for your call and answer a few powerful questions so I can determine if my work is the right fit for you. I’ll ask questions like: What calls you to this work? What have you done so far to actualize your dreams? How do you think investing in a coach will get you where you want to go? How much money are you willing to invest in YOU over the next 12 months?

higher ground 1-year private immersion starts at $40,000

Andrea invites just 5 clients to work with her annually.


I can’t express to you how grateful I am for you and everything we’ve done together. I feel solid and strong moving forward with such clarity. I had such an amazing time at my Breakthrough Session and the work we did was truly life-changing. And this is only the beginning! I am so grateful we met and thank you for seeing the greatness in me. Your being on purpose allows me to also walk my path on purpose and in alignment. It is so amazing to have such a strong leader behind me and I’m so blessed that you chose to work with me!
— Lauren Marsh, founder of healing for eating disorders